Grimm “Hibernaculum” Review (Season 4 Episode 17)

Grimm - Season 4

In this episode of Grimm, Nick, Hank and Wu investigated one of the strangest cases in the show’s history. This week’s wesen left its victim frozen solid. The aftermath of Monroe’s kidnapping also reared its ugly head while Juliette finally revealed her new identity to a frightened Rosalee and Monroe.

This Week’s Case

I wasn’t a fan of this week’s wesen, a Varme Tyv that resembled a snake. Victims kept popping up with what appeared to be hypothermia before they died in a frozen solid state. Without any real mystery on our end surrounding the deaths,Nick, Hank and Wu worked the case in their usual fashion. Excitement did pick up when Monroe got involved and the four made their way to a house where a large group of Varme Tyv where all in a hibernating state together, aka a “hibernaculum.” The whole case was somewhat boring and had me wondering if the writer’s room is running out of good ideas when it comes to the cases.

Juliette Is Out For Revenge

Juliette’s craziness made up for this week’s lackluster case. She’s really having trouble dealing with her new identity, directing her anger at a pregnant Adalind by trying to kill her with a falling statue on a rooftop. Is it just me or did Adalind’s baby bump grow fast from last week?!

Another great Juliette moment was when she paid a visit to the Spice Shop to talk to Rosalee and Monroe, unaware that Nick and Hank where there. After she reveals that she is a hexenbeist by woging out, Rosalee and Monroe are left in shock. The drama was great, but only lasted a minute, as Juliette took off fast after blaming everyone there for their part in the whole Adalind drama. Rosalee and Monroe, being the good friends that they are, want to help, but Nick tells them that there is nothing they can do.

Other Grimm Happenings

Monroe is still dealing with some heavy emotions and the realization that time is ticking by has him sentimental and emotional.

Sean is stilling dealing with the gunshots and trauma.

Adalind is being held captive by Kenneth and the family.

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