Good Witch “Together We Stand” Review (Season 1, Episode 7)

Good Witch Together We Stand Episode 7 30

“Oh the weather outside is frightful!”

That is certainly the case for the residents of the quaint town of Middleton in the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch as they are hit with the worst snowstorm of the season, impacting all of the characters in various ways, trapping them in the library, Grey House and the Café Bistro.

At Grey House, Cassie and Sam are dealing with the complications of Bryan’s mysterious illness that fell the man shortly after they returned to town because of his wife Eve actually not feeling well. The fact that she is quite pregnant would give anyone pause, but Bryan’s condition is actually very fretful even for the well-trained doctor.

At the Bistro, Abigail is actually pulling a “Nightingale” duty (pun intended, sort of) of her own for rival Stephanie, helping the café’s owner after her inadvertent slip and fall. Perhaps we have all misjudged Abigail’s intentions, but then again, we shouldn’t underestimate someone who freely admits that she is “uncontrollable”.

Thankfully, Brandon showed up, albeit a bit disoriented, at the Café where Abigail is actually able to treat his head wound and make sure that he doesn’t fall asleep because he, more than likely, sustained a concussion in that car accident.

As the situation with Bryan worsens at Grey House, the teens stuck at the library – surly Nick, concerned Grace and anxious Anthony – are having their own set of problems, although not as serious. They are having their own pseudo-Lord-of-the-Flies moment over being stuck there with little to no food as well as no access to the internet. What would those kids do – or more specifically Nick – if he lived in any time before the creation of the internet when you actually read books at the library, sigh?!

The storm eventually lessens, allowing an ambulance to show up at Grey’s House just in time, stopping Sam from having to operate on Bryan in the house instead of the hospital; Stephanie and Brandon making their way to the hospital as well with Abigail by their side and Derek being able to “rescue” the kids at the library.

But while the snow storm may have moved on, the town of Middleton is being visited by yet another storm: that of Linda, Sam’s ex-wife and Nick’s mom, who claimed that she couldn’t come for a visit. It would seem that she could make the visit and that will, assuredly, create a whole different kind of storm that the little town might not be prepared for.

Let’s also take a moment to talk about Ryan and this new developer he is working with: Ben Jones and his newly revealed daughter Frankie who is Ryan’s new “partner”. That’s going to make things a little uncomfortable for Ryan. And, how about finally getting to see Martha’s husband, Tom? I know some fans were thinking that he would never be seen, but there he was right by his wife’s side during the storm while the mayor of nearby Blairsville, Darryl Blankenship, nearly takes her spotlight away.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of ‘Good Witch’? Do you like seeing Sam and Cassie work together to help Bryan? Are you getting sick of Nick being so surly? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The two hour season finale of the debut season of ‘Good Witch will air on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, April 18 at 8/7c.

Catherine Bell as Cassie
Bailee Madison as Grace
James Denton as Sam

Guest Stars:
Dan Jeannotte as Brandon
Catherine Disher as Martha
Paul Miller as Tom
Noah Cappe as Derek
Anthony Lemke as Ryan
Rhys Matthew Bond as Nick
Kylee Evans as Stephanie
Sarah Power as Abigail
Alex Paxton-Beesley as Eve
Jake Simons as Brian
Lisa Macros as Frankie
James McGowan as Ben Jones
Gabrille Miller as Linda
Ted Atherton as Darryl Blankenship

  • Charking1976

    Love the show/series also glad to see new and old actors. Really glad that Lemke ( Brian ) is a regular.. and I was especially pleased to see ( Frankie ) playing Brian’s new partner ( Lisa Marcos ) I loved them together in ” The Listener ” and they have great chemistry. Hope she will stay and become a new diversion/love interest for Brian. Are you listening writers, you need to write Lisa into the show permanently. I have watched Catherine Bell since she started on the series, JAG she was awesome and showed her versatility and then she shined even more in Army Wives and now The Good Witch Series, she has found her nitch. All the cast are great in their roles and I see this show continuing on many more seasons. Baliee is also excellent as is Sam… all of them are so good. Thank you Hallmark for bringing back Family TV.

  • ‘Chele

    Love the movies and love the series. While it is a shame Potter could not come to the series I think they have handle it in a great way. I have enjoyed how they started out with Cassie and Sam. The magic is there for these two and I am rooting for them. I liked how they worked together to save Brian. Your spot on with Nick it really is time to get that ever so large chip off of his shoulder. I love the addition of James Denton and Bailie Madison, they are fantastic. I am glad they kept quite a bit of the old cast and characters that we love. The only think I wish is that they would make all of these series (Good Witch, Cedar Cover, When calls the Heart) a bit longer like 20 episodes each.

  • Joe Paulson

    I thought the films were getting a bit tired but was rooting for the series. It has some good points and started well. But, lately, it has been rather boring to me. The series also started with hints about Cassie and Grace’s witchy talents. Where has that sort of thing been of late? Grace also has not been given much interesting to do.

    They need to do more of that thing they did with the mysterious guest and grandfather coming in — mildly interesting drama like that plus the usual characters doing their thing. I still watch but hope they strengthen the material a bit.