Good Witch “Together We Stand…” Episode 7

Good Witch Episode 7 “Together We Stand…” airs on Saturday April 11th at 8pm on Hallmark Channel. In tonight’s episode, Middleton’s brutal winter storm has left almost everyone stranded in place—and in a state of panic. Only the enchanting Cassie (Catherine Bell) can keep calm as she and Sam (James Denton) are snowed in at the Grey House, where Cassie’s guest Brian (Jake Simons) is facing a serious medical emergency. With no ambulances able to get to them, Cassie and Sam consider taking a drastic measure to save Brian’s life, and Cassie’s enchanting touch convinces Brian’s wife Eve (Alex Paxton-Beesley) to trust their plan. Meanwhile, Grace (Bailee Madison) is stuck in the library with rivals Anthony (Shane Harte) and a sullen Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond), who is still simmering about his mother’s cancelled visit. Worried about her brother Brandon (Dan Jeannotte), who has been in a car accident, Grace is desperate to get to him, sensing he is hurting in more ways than one. At the Bistro, Abigail (Sarah Power) and Stephanie (Kylee Evans) are gaining a new understanding of each other as Abigail helps Stephanie after her fall, and learns more about her past. And as the storm rages on, Martha (Catherine Disher) must swallow her pride to do what is best for the town, and potentially lose the spotlight. With Ryan (Anthony Lemke) stuck in Blairsville meeting his surprising new business partner, something begins stirring between Cassie and Sam as they put their trust in each other only to find out that as one storm passes, another is waiting.

Show Summary: “Good Witch” will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale (Bell) and her bright, young-teenage daughter Grace (Madison), who shares her mom’s special intuitive charm. When Sam, a doctor (Denton), and his teenage son move in next door to Grey House, they are immediately charmed by the “magical” mother-daughter duo and wonder is it really magic, a lucky coincidence or just a special intuitive insight only this family possesses? Based on one of the network’s most successful Original Movie franchise of all time, “Good Witch” will inspire with each intriguing episode and will have viewers immediately charmed by the quaint town of Middleton – which is in store for new changes, big surprises, and, of course, a little bit of magic!

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