Grey’s Anatomy “Crazy Love” Review (Season 11 Episode 19)

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy opened up with Meredith and Derek still basking in the bliss of their reconciliation/reunion. Although Derek was back in the swing of things in Grey Sloan, he still had a bit of business to wrap up back in D.C. – more on that later.

Although Meredith described herself as the happy go lucky person that she once hated in last week’s episode, that joy did not extend to Owen and Amelia upon learning that the two had begun a relationship. Meredith meddling in Owen and Amelia’s relationship is not quite what I wanted or expected for the character after her marital woes were finally cast aside. Although Derek fully embraced the couple, Meredith decided that it was appropriate for her to warn Amelia to be careful in her relationship with Owen due to some promise that Meredith made to Cristina before she departed. I love Cristina, but if she were really that concerned about Owen she could have easily asked him to come join her before departing for Zurich. I also seriously doubt that meddling in Owen’s new relationship is what Cristina envisioned when she asked Meredith to look out for him.

Meredith’s meddling just the start of Amelia’s bad day. At work, she and Callie clashed over the treatment of a young golf prodigy. Callie favored a more conservative course of treatment, while Amelia wanted to take a riskier approach that might give the patient another shot at playing golf again. Owen found himself in the unenviable position of having to weigh in on a dispute between his close friend and his girlfriend. Owen supported Amelia’s plan because it was solid and closely aligned with the patient’s wishes. Unfortunately the damage to the patient’s spine was worse than anticipated and the surgery did not go so well. Unfortunately for Owen, Amelia takes her frustration out on him, accusing him of letting their relationship to compromise patient care.

April, Bailey and Jackson found themselves part of a team of providers helping a man whose wife cut off his penis. The crazy thing about the case is that this was the SECOND time the poor man lost his penis due to his philandering ways. Only on Grey’s Anatomy! It was nice to see Catherine back in the mix and I loved everything with her and April in the episode. Catherine even managed to see some potential in Stephanie’s talent for urology, but the specialty is not “speaking” to the young doctor yet. Catherine reunited the chef with his penis and reunited with Richard. I hope they, Catherine and Richard, stay together for awhile this time around.

I was so excited to see Kevin Alejandro on last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I was hoping that he would stick around as a love interest for Callie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like their first date went so well and a second chance seems unlikely. I’m bummed we did not at least get a chance to see the two out on their bad date. In other dating news, Maggie went out with Ethan from the Radiology Department. Maggie thought the date went well, but felt like Ethan was ignoring her. We know that Maggie might not be the best at picking up on signals from other people. I love that Maggie reached out to Alex for a bit of advice, as we’ve seen the two building a pretty good rapport with one another over the last few episodes. For a busy doctor with a needy girlfriend, Alex has really stepped up his “be the person” game this season.

Towards the end of the episode, Amelia finally directed her frustration towards the appropriate party – Meredith. In a classic Shondaland monologue, Amelia told Meredith that she knew nothing about her or her difficult journey and to mind her own damn business. Of course, it was hard to watch the moment without thinking that it was more than just Amelia rightfully setting her sister-in-law straight. Amelia sharing the pain of losing the love of her life and Meredith learning that Derek never made it to his meeting in DC felt quite ominous. Is this yet another red herring thrown at the audience by the writers or has something horrible happened to Derek? Stay tuned!

Until next week!

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