The Amazing Race “Smells Like a Million Bucks” Review (Season 26 Episode 6)

The Amazing Race Smells Like a Million Bucks Season 26 Episode 6 03

The Amazing Race returned with the notably lavish and luxurious installment “Smells Like a Million Bucks”, as the teams get all fancy schmancy in Monaco and Nice.

The episode got started and wasted no time in giving us a brief update on the emotional temperature of Blair and Hayley. I think that even the Race editors noticed how cruel Hayley’s edit was last week, so they felt like they should really let us know that they don’t really want to kill each other. They both resolved to doing much better this week, and overall they improved quite a lot. I just can’t remember a more deliberate scene that was intended to make us feel better about a team. Usually they edit a team a certain way and don’t back down from it, but this was a serious backpedal.

Well, the teams all made their way to the airport to get their tickets, where Mike and Rochelle utilized a race loophole that I didn’t think existed. They got standby on an earlier flight! I always thought that wasn’t allowed! Why wouldn’t everybody do that if it was an option? Usually you see racers get their tickets then just go hang out by their gate, but why would you ever do that, especially if you know that somebody else got an earlier flight? Weird…

Anyway, the teams made their way to Monaco, where they got to be professionally fitted for fancy suits and dresses! It was fun for the racers to get all dressed up, since they’re usually either in their typical athletic gear or they put them in some goofy costume or regional attire. It was also fun to see everybody running around Monaco trying to get flowers and chocolate for their partner while dressed to the nines. Except for Mike, who sweated so much that his suit jacket turned into a totally different color. Yuck.

Speaking of yuck, how crappy was that stupid detour assignment? Being assigned a detour by random totally takes away from the point of a detour, which is that the teams usually get to pick which challenge they think will be more suited to their strengths. Now you just hope that you get the “good” detour. Also, wouldn’t they theoretically be allowed to switch detours if they didn’t like it, just like usual? So does it really matter in the long run?

The actual challenges themselves were pretty good, too. They had one which was scary but could be completed quickly, and one which was boring but had to take some skill and smarts to accomplish. That’s usually how Detours break down, but you usually get to pick which one you want. Well, here’s where things got kinda hinky…

The first three teams that completed their Detour were all racers who did the ziplining challenge. This had me immediately crying foul, as this was clearly the faster and easier challenge. Why should everybody else be forced by luck into dripping fragrances into cups? Well, then the top three teams to the pit stop were all teams that did the “win by a nose” challenge! Wait…what?! How did that happen? Either the teams that did the ziplining all sucked at directions, or maybe that challenge was a lot farther away from the pit stop. It was up in the mountains, after all. The editing was all off here, making us think that the top three teams out of the detour would be just fine, but then one of them was actually sent home!

Yes, Jeff and Jackie got eliminated, and it’s really a bummer to see them go. Phil didn’t even mess around with his “You’re the last team to arrive” line, and then we have to wait in suspense for a couple seconds to hear if this is a non-elimination leg or not. Instead he just said “Jeff and Jackie, I’m sorry to tell you you’ve been eliminated from the race.” Hey, where’s my suspense, Phil? This is the only couple that seems to have any actual chemistry (despite Hayley’s multiple chemistry related puns), so it’s a bummer that they’re already kicked off. I’m hoping Hayley continues to improve as a human being, because I need another blind date team to root for!

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Random Thoughts:

– Did they blur out that naked sculpture in the garden? Is that really necessary?

– I’m sure this isn’t one of the most intelligent things I’ve ever written, but man Hayley was busting out of that dress! I had no idea based on the athletic wear that she’d been wearing that she had such a curvy figure!

– I realize that they’re a big part of most casinos and stuff, but I had no idea that the Monte Carlo had a bunch of slot machines in it. It kinda takes away from the majesty and the beauty of that incredible building.