Survivor “Keep It Real” Review (Season 30 Episode 7)

Survivor Worlds Apart Keep It Real Season 30 Episode 8 06

This is the third episode in a row where Rodney comes home angry from tribal council, and I honestly hope it continues to happen for the rest of the season. It’s just the best. Although “Keep It Real” didn’t have quite as angry of a Rodney as we’ve had the last couple weeks, he was still pretty bummed that his blue collar colleague Kelly was sent home. This guy has the classic trait of a typical meathead Survivor villain, in that he thinks he knows way more about the game than he actually does. He also struts around camp making demands about how the salami is served and he brags about being the “realest” person in the game. Whatever, dude. They’re really editing this guy into the season’s villain, so I’m excited to see his inevitable fall from grace and elimination.

This took us to the reward challenge, which weirdly was split into two different phases. The first involved everybody trying to balance on a beam and get the pieces, but I’m not sure why they weren’t allowing everybody to advance to the puzzle round after that. Did they not want to build extra puzzles or something? I would have loved to see all of those people frantically putting their puzzles together side-by-side, but instead they had to stop racing after the balance part and all wait to start the puzzle together. So Joe’s lead gets neutered and we have to watch only three people try their hand at the puzzle. It didn’t really matter, since Joe is an unstoppable force in these challenges so he still wins.

After the somewhat boring reward, Joe shares the clue he found with Tyler simply because Tyler saw him open it. Apparently it was a bad idea for him to invite all of those people to the reward that were out of his alliance, since Tyler ratted him out and caused a tribe-wide witch hunt for the idol. Nobody could find it at first, but then Mike ended up finding it (in a place that didn’t sound anywhere like the clue described, by the way), and they really played up the big triumphant moment pretty hardcore. I thought for a second that I was watching another tearjerker March Madness montage of fist bumps and victory dances. It was One Shining Moment all over again! While I liked this goofy moment and the accompanying “happy dance”, just once I want Survivor to totally surprise us with an idol. Don’t even show us that somebody found it, just have them pull it out at tribal council and shock everybody at their tribe and everybody across America!

Speaking of America, Hali’s speech at tribal about how they’re team Merica and “what if the colonists never flipped?” was the greatest thing she’s said on this show by far. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep her from going home, as she becomes the first member of the jury and the first inhabitant of Ponderosa!

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Random Thoughts:

– For the first time in like 5 years, my DirecTV was totally crapping out tonight. About a quarter of the episode was skipping and unintelligible, but I feel like I got enough information to accurately review it. If I missed anything crucial, I’m sure you’d let me know!

– I loved seeing Jeff getting so silly with Shirin before the immunity challenge. He rarely messes around so much like that, often assuming the role of the super serious host.

– How did Dan think he had that puzzle right both times? Can he read? Does he understand how letters work?