Person of Interest “Search and Destroy” Review (Season 4 Episode 19)

Person of Interest Search and Destroy Season 4 Episode 19 06

I am conflicted over this week’s Person of Interest. I like it when we have Samaritan focused stories, but for the first time I wondered how long they plan on dragging this out. Team machine is in complete shambles. I guess the nature of the team has always been reactionary – wait for a number to be identified then go save the day. But that method is not working now that Samaritan is after them. It’s time for them to do something or admit defeat.

This week’s person of interest is a software designer, who makes anti-virus software that’s installed on the majority of computers. His life is ruined after his accounts are hacked. He loses his job, his wife wants nothing to do with him, and all of a sudden he’s got an extensive criminal record. The actions against him go beyond exposing his secrets—they involve setting him up for an untimely end. It’s obvious that Samaritan is behind this. Kahn suspects that an AI is out to get him. Team machine steps in to protect Kahn from Decima.

It turns out that Samaritan’s goal in commandeering Kahn’s resources is to try and track down the machine. But the machine isn’t hooked up to a network, so it’s a futile endeavor. Throughout the drama, I was surprised that Finch blames Kahn for his predicament. He criticizes the guy for being too curious. Does he expect that someone being attacked by an AI wouldn’t be curious? He clearly doesn’t appreciate the extent of the danger, so you would think Finch would be more sympathetic.

Root eventually has to come back and help them. She’s not back on good terms with Finch, but they know they need her. We get a pretty awesome fight between a newly brunette fembot and Root, which is a highlight of the episode. If Finch isn’t going to lead the group, I’d rather Root step in and try to create an offensive plan for dealing with Samaritan. Maybe step one should be finding the new Decima lair and busting some bad guys.

I guess I’m just tired of team machine being terrified of Samaritan’s shadow. Finch is brilliant, Root has strategy down cold, and Reese is deadly…so why don’t they actually do something? We got a small taste of this when Finch tried to use the code to find Samaritan. Nothing in this episode stood out for me as particularly exciting or plot advancing. We got a couple of chuckle-inducing jokes, like Reese riding shotgun, but not a whole lot else.

I finished the episode with a general feeling of “meh.” For all the running around and trying to protect Kahn, they ultimately failed and didn’t get a whole lot to show for their efforts. They know that Samaritan is trying to find the machine….so what? Are they going to do anything about it? I was also disappointed in the brevity of the scenes with Zoe. I think she has an excellent point that Reese is being reckless by getting involved with a civilian. The doctor has no clue that she’s dating a killer, but you know she’ll have to find out at some point. If others have strong feelings in favor of this episode, maybe I’ll go back and give it another watch.