Justified “Collateral” Review (Season 6 Episode 12)

Justified Collateral Season 6 Episode 12 01

I have high expectations of Justified since after this week there is only one episode left. I was hoping for a bit more fireworks in this week’s episode, but I understand that the point is to get all the pieces in place for the final curtain.

Mostly, everyone spent a lot of time running around the hill where Ava and Zachariah were hiding with the money. After finding that their guide out of the hills is dead, Ava falls apart. She knows that if Boyd finds them, he’s going to kill them. Zachariah underestimates Boyd, again. He should know after his own unsuccessful attempt that Boyd is not easy to kill. Zachariah is living in a state of denial and decides to waste time burying the rotted corpse. Ava leaves him behind and takes a chunk of the money with her down the mountain. I’m feeling less confident that she’s going to walk out of Harlan with the money.

Raylan is ahead of Boyd, but not by much. He gets the help of one of the local hillbillies that he had a run in with several seasons ago. In a surprise move, Raylan handwrites a note giving the guy Arlo’s house. This was a huge step for Raylan. He’s finally reached the point of being able to let it all go. Harlan. His father. His home. He’s done. Once he finishes his business with Boyd, it’s doubtful he will ever look back. I wasn’t happy when he said he was writing it down, “In case I don’t make it.” I don’t want any negativity like that. There’s no way they can kill Raylan. There’d be a Justified fan riot.

Markham finally decides that he should track down his money. It took him long enough. He goes to Loretta thinking that she’ll know something. Poor Loretta. As smart as she talks, she’s not to savvy when it comes to choosing a bodyguard. A former flame who looks barely older than her is no match for Boon or Markham. At least Boon only shot the kid in the shoulder.

Elsewhere in Harlan, Constable Bob hears that Raylan is being hunted and goes out to help his friend. Bob is the best. He manages to find Ava, but doesn’t have what it takes to stand up to Boyd. This is a no brainer. Bob should’ve known better. He should’ve just taken Ava and headed back into town. Instead, she falls into the hands of Markham’s dirty cops. I’m going to be seriously bummed out if Bob dies.

Duffy is the only one who looks like he might get out of this unscathed. I kind of like the idea that he’s the last of the criminals standing. He’s like a cockroach—almost impossible to get rid of. I also liked that he took Hale’s ring and bracelet. Those had to be worth way more than a mobile dog grooming van.

The big moments in this episode were really about the characters of Boyd and Raylan. For Boyd, we see that it really isn’t about ego for him. He doesn’t need to be a hero. As he tells the owner of the truck he steals, “I don’t give a shit about the Ballad of Boyd Crowder.” Boyd is greed, pure and simple. He wants money and will do whatever it takes to get it. This is why Ava’s betrayal is so terrible; she’s taken the one thing he loves the most.

In the encounter between Raylan and Boyd on the hillside, we see that Raylan is struggling. It’s the same struggle he’s had since the beginning. He’s the good guy and wants to do the right thing. But he bends the law and can be so obsessed with taking down Boyd that he loses sight of other things. When Raylan refuses to go down and help Bob because he doesn’t want to lose Boyd, this is a problem. Boyd is right in saying that in that moment, he’s won.

We got some good one-liners, and my favorite was when Raylan told Boyd, “Your teeth glow in the dark.” I wish we’d had more time with Gutterson and Art, though. I’m nervous about how the finale is going to go. We know from the preview that Raylan is not going to stay in police custody. We don’t know who’s going to make it out of Harlan alive.