A Final Farewell to Falling Skies at WonderCon 2015

Falling Skies

This past weekend at the 2015 WonderCon, some of the cast of the TNT apocalyptic drama Falling Skies took to the stage for the last time, as the series will begin its fifth and final season on June 28.

Among the panelists were cast members Drew Roy, who plays Hal Mason; Sarah Carter, who plays Maggie, Colin Cunningham, who plays John Pope and Doug Jones, who plays the Volm alien known to the 42nd Mass as Cochise.

Led by moderator Rich Sands, from TV Guide, the cast members were asked what their most nostalgic moment is from five seasons of the show with Drew sharing that the special clip that opened the panel, which took a look back at the past four seasons of the show, brought back so many memories. Meanwhile Sarah said that seeing the young face of cast member Maxim Knight, who plays Matt Mason, is her moment and Doug Jones shared that it would be the Volm form of his character from the end of season two.

The discussion then shifted to what kind of pressure the cast was under going into the final season with Maggie stating you just never know “what’s gonna happen” and while all four of the panelists were tight-lipped about what viewers will see in the upcoming episodes, Doug was confident enough to say, “I think you’ll be excited with what’s to come”. Colin interjected that he was “nervous and apprehensive” at first, but “nobody got lazy” in filming the final season and it felt sure they went “out with a bang”.

One of the few teasers, if you will, that was given away is that the love triangle between brothers Hal and Ben (series regular Connor Jessup) and Maggie “is still growing strong”, according to Drew; but Sarah shared that “we’re all on the battlefield” together. The one other small tangible piece of news shared by Drew is that the writers will “throw a new girl into the mix, though”. That will, of course, make the already complicated relationship between the brothers and Maggie even more difficult.

Sticking with the discussion about relationships, Colin was asked if viewers will see more of Pope and Sarah (recurring guest star Mira Sorvino). He shared that fans “will definitely see more of Mira”. But he was also honest in sharing that when he was told by the writers that Pope would get a “girlfriend” he “never saw it coming”. In fact, he continued that, “he (actually) didn’t want that (relationship at first)”.

The father-son relationship between Cochise and his dad was also discussed with Doug sharing that the fourth episode of the final season will focus on Cochise. There will be interaction “with his dad (where he) will come to terms with his daddy issues”. There will also be some comedic moments between Cochise and Col. Weaver (series regular Will Patton), and Cochise and Anne Glass-Mason (series regular Moon Bloodgood) will share a moment between them that will end with them “hugging each other and crying”.

Since filming of the show has come to an end, the cast were asked if they could share if there will be a satisfactory ending for their characters. And while they had to be careful with what they could share, Drew stated that “it does come to an end; we explain why they’re (the aliens) here (and what) their motives (are)”. He also stated that the “figure seen at the end (of the fourth season finale) is the catalyst (who is) tied (to their) interactions”.

Sarah then revealed that they were on a completely different set and in different clothes for their final scene. “It was a strange day”, she shared; while Colin shared that his last day was separate from the rest of the cast and it was a “profound” day for him. Doug then shared that he was very sentimental during that last day.

During the audience Q&A portion of the panel, the cast members shared if they were able to take any mementos from the show with them with Drew and Sarah both saying they wanted the jackets that they wore throughout the show, but weren’t able to keep them. Meanwhile Colin shared that he was able to get the skinner necklace that Pope has worn throughout the entire run of the show and Doug was presented with a life-sized bust of the Volm face of Cochise.

Needless to say, as the cast members were asked what they will be doing now that ‘Falling Skies’ is over, Drew said he is “auditioning”; Sarah is on the DirecTV series ‘Rogue’; Colin is taking it easy, “busking in Venice (playing his saxophone)” while Doug is very busy with appearing in upcoming episodes of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ and he will be back on ‘The Strain’ and ‘Crimson Peak’.

Fans of ‘Falling Skies’ will want to mark their calendars for the premiere of the show’s fifth and final season on TNT starting on Sunday, June 28 at 10/9c.