Forever “Best Foot Forward” Review (Season 1 Episode 20)

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I’m going to attribute it to Cuba Gooding, Jr. Sure, he’s barely been in any of the past three episodes, but ever since his arrival on the scene, Forever has just felt a little bit more alive and enjoyable. And while that really has nothing to do with Cuba – though he’s been enjoyable in his own way – it’s great to be able to say I’m liking the show as much as I have been, and “Best Foot Forward” is no exception.

First off, it’s nice to see the show giving a bit more attention to the ongoing mysteries of Henry’s life. Though the gun that killed Henry only gets a brief mention, we got an entire subplot about Abe’s search for his mother. This was an understated but well-handled subplot that was easy to like because of how likable Abe is. Plus, it gave Lucas a chance to interact with someone other than Henry and actually contribute meaningfully to the narrative.

The case-of-the-week was also pretty solid, with enough unexpected twists in the plot to keep things interesting. Also, as a huge fan of Black Swan, I’m always up for the behind-the-scenes workings of the ballet. Of course, episodes like this and films like that one really do make dancers look pretty crazy.

Even better than all that, though, is that the episode offered plenty more solid evidence of why Hansen is the best character on this show. From fogging up the mirror with a secret message, to identifying the real perp, to nonchalantly pulling out a bone saw, he continued to be a delight this week, and it feels like the show has really captured his snarky tone at this point.

If one thing didn’t work, it was the flashback. After several strong, connected-to-the-present pieces of Henry’s past, the story of a tragic sculptor didn’t offer a whole lot. It was connected to the case of the week, sure, but it didn’t tell us a whole lot about Henry we didn’t already know. Maybe, just maybe, with the few episodes left, the show will finally offer a fully-formed hour, but for now, I’m just glad it was as good as it was.

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