Helix “Ascendant” Review (Season 2 Episode 12)

Helix - Season 2

This week’s Helix begins with Peter hacking up a bunch of bodies, followed by sex with Anne in the shower as they wash off the blood. Peter says, “There’s no going back now,” and I’m afraid he’s right. There now isn’t a single character left on Helix whose survival I care about. Let’s get to it.

Peter decides to think on a grander scale than the island. He wants to break the naval blockade and then take over the world? That’s slightly ambitious. He’s also now calling himself Eli. I love Julia’s reaction—she laughs in his face.

After taking the painting of the mother tree, Julia tries to figure out where it is. She and Alan eventually have a heart to heart. Alan says something that Julia probably should’ve suspected all along—Ilaria is probably lying about the pending Narvik outbreak. They find the tree, but Alan wants to stop Julia from taking the roots. He still doesn’t trust Ilaria. Alan seems like the only one with any sense at this point.

Kyle evacuates Sarah and her jar baby after being warned by Soren’s mother about Peter and Anne’s plan. As they head out, Sarah notices the glass is cracked so Kyle fixes it with his gum. So they have to go back for another baby jar. She takes Anne hostage to force her to give up the baby jar location. I really wanted Sarah to kill Anne, but chopping up her foot was a good start. Anne takes Sarah down the rape level of the basement, where all the women are still imprisoned. I thought Peter had killed them all in order to start over. But evidently not. Sarah tells Anne to release the women…or woman…I’m really not clear on how many of them are actually alive.

Peter continues his murderous rampage and kills Olivia right in front of Soren. Kyle make an outrageous promise that he’ll be the boy’s family now. That kind of decision shouldn’t be made impulsively. I think the odds are better that Soren gets caught in the crossfire and doesn’t make it off the island.

It looks like the show may be planning to get rid of Alan. For some bizarre reason, he tells Kyle that he will turn himself in for the murders in Paris. Why would he agree to that? He also tells Kyle about a safety deposit box with all the answers for everything he’s done. That’s helps all of us not at all. Maybe he could’ve explained things throughout the season.

I noticed that the number of flash-forwards has been steadily declining, which again make me wonder why the show had them in the first place. We’re at the point now where it’s just going to be more of a gory bloodbath. I’m sure Amy and Landry will be a part of that, but I guess we’re going to have to wait for the finale for their return. I’m voting for the elimination of Peter, all original island inhabitants, and Alan. That should wipe the slate clean in the event Helix comes back next season.