Grimm “Heartbreaker” Review (Season 4 Episode 16)

Grimm - Season 4

Grimm changed things up this week with a wesen case involving a young girl who suffered a serious affliction that killed others. Nick and Juliette are still living separate lives with Juliette becoming increasingly angry about her heenbeist situation.

The Case of the Foterseele

After a cyclist by the name of Zack is found dead on a trail, Nick and Hank are called in to investigate. After sifting through possible suspects in a group of cyclists they set their eyes on Bella Turner, a young girl who Zack loved. When Hank comes upon an old case involving the death of a man and Bella’s mother, the gang realize that there is much more to Bella than first thought. They discover that she suffers from a fatal touch along with all the women in her family.

Arriving right on time, Hank and Nick stop Bella’s grandmother from taking dangerous steps to stop her granddaughter from killing others. Rosalee and Monroe offer Bella another way to live her life without accidently killing others – a magic potion. It was refreshing to see this week’s wesen finally get a happy ending.

The Captain and The Royal Family

The Captain’s games with the royal family got himself into some trouble this week. With Victor gone and Kenneth at the helm, we see Sean’s right hand man the family’s latest victim. When Sean investigates what’s going on for himself he ends up in a physical confrontation with the cocky and arrogant Kenneth. It looks like the family is determined to find Diana. At first it looked like Sean was going to overpower him with a superman punch, but it wasn’t long before Sean is reliving the gun shot wounds again.

Juliette Embraces Her Hexenbeist Side

We didn’t see much of Juliette in this episode, but her brief screen time proved that she is changing dramatically. In the previews for next week we see that she’s angry and out for Adalind. And by the looks of it nothing is going to stop her.