Vikings “Paris” Review (Season 3 Episode 7)

Vikings Born Again Season 3 Episode 6 02

This week’s Vikings filled with big dramatic moments or action this week. It’s mostly setting up what’s to come. The Vikings arrive outside of Paris and prepare for the upcoming battle. Considering all the emotions triggered by Athelstan’s death, it was a good idea to slow things down for an episode. Because when the invasion begins, things are going to get crazy.

After the tragic death of Athelstan last week, Ragnar asked his friend’s forgiveness for “what he was about to do.” I hoped that would involve avenging Athelstan by killing Floki. Judging by Ragnar’s face in the opening scene, it’s clear he knows Floki is the murderer. Ragnar is just biding his time. He’s not going to let Floki go unpunished. In killing Athelstan, Floki betrayed Ragnar. That will have consequences eventually.

As the Vikings begin their siege, the Frankish royal family worry that the city will fall. Considering how heavily fortified the city is, it seems odd that they’d be scared of their primitive neighbors from the north. Then again, the Vikings can be exceptionally vicious. Much of the drama surrounds the Parisian court’s response to the invaders. The princess urges her father to protect their people and not flee the city. Gisla rubs me wrong. I don’t know if it’s the stuttering way she speaks or something else, but I’m not loving her character thus far. I do love the palace set, though, and the walled city. It’s hard to imagine what Paris must’ve looked like back then.

Meanwhile, back in Wessex, Ecbert’s obsession with Athelstan’s son, Alfred, grows. The look on his face when the baby comes out is almost comical. Even Judith doesn’t seem to know what to make of it. At least she has some measure of protection because of the child. There’s other drama brewing though, since Kwenthrith has decided to shake off her allegiances. This gives Ecbert the excuse to go after Mercia. What I’m wondering, though, if Ecbert is going to make the moves on Judith. They seem to have an unhealthy bond and Ecbert is skeezy.

Aethelwulf goes to see Kwenthrith and learns that she has born Ragnar a son. I don’t believe her. That would be too unsettling.

It isn’t hard to figure out that Floki killed Athelstan. When Ragnar laments his loss, Floki tells him that Athelstan is still with them since Ragnar wears the cross necklace. An innocent Floki would have railed against the cross and the priest. His complacency speaks volumes. Floki is a fool if he believes that Ragnar needs him and wants him around. It’s almost sad the way he thinks he’s exalted now. He’s lost is mind, as Helga even seems ready to admit.

Back in Kattegat, Porunn continues to feel sorry for herself. Her only problem is a scar on her face. So what? Aslaug is right in calling her selfish. She’s got all her limbs, she’s fully functional…it’s just her vanity that is smarting. I don’t know why she’s so whiny all of a sudden.

This may not have been the most exciting episode of Vikings, but it gives a perfect set up for the battle to come.