The Amazing Race “Get in That Lederhosen, Baby” Review (Season 26 Episode 5)

The Amazing Race Get In That Lederhosen Baby Season 26 Episode 5 06

It’s been a long three weeks, man! I’ve been enjoying the March Madness coverage that’s preempted The Amazing Race since the last episode on March 13th, but I felt a little warmth wash over me when “Get in That Lederhosen, Baby” got started.

The episode started off with all of the teams making their way straight to Munich, Germany just in time for Oktoberfest! There was no Travel Fu, no fuss, we just got all

I had completely forgotten what happened last episode, so I was glad to see the recap before the episode began and be reminded that Kurt and Bergen won the last leg. It’s kind of a bummer hearing them talk every single leg about how terrible of a match they are. It’s depressing.

None of the blind daters seem to be hitting it off, at least not romantically. A couple of them seem to sorta kinda like the other person as a friend, but some of them are straight up not getting along. If The Amazing Race producers really wanted there to be actual romance here then they should have partnered with or Eharmony or something so they could actually match people up based on compatibility. The attempted partnering of most of these couples is way off base, and in the case of Kurt and Bergen it feels borderline insulting. It’s as if The Amazing Race casting department literally thought “Hey, these two guys are gay, so they should be attracted to each other, right?” If they would have spent two minutes to talk to Kurt or Bergen they would have found out that they are attracted to bigger, stronger men and that partnering them with somebody who looks just like them was not a recipe for success.

The same goes for Hayley and Blair, who were simply partnered up together because they both work in the medical field. Thankfully they were able to partner up the psychotic beyotch Hayley with Saint Blair, because nobody else would have been able to spend a whole day with her without wanting to murder her. I kinda liked Hayley in the first couple legs, and I could see why she thought that Blair was a bit arrogant, but now she’s gone full psychopath and is completely unbearable. If they somehow squeak out a win for this race, then Blair should get the full one million. He deserves it. I feel like I deserve a cut of the money just for having to listen to her complain for 42 minutes tonight.

Anyway, the actual race itself was pretty fun tonight. The weird driving in reverse challenge was really just an excuse to show off a feature of the Ford Focus, but I did like seeing the weird winter wonderland. Germany is actually a country that I’ve been to, so it didn’t surprise me at all that some nondescript and beat up old warehouse actually had such a weird attraction stuck inside. This happened all over the place in Germany. I remember driving around and seeing all of these beat up abandoned warehouses and aircraft hangers and other buildings, and they’d always be filled up with weird pop-up restaurants, clothing stores, dance clubs, etc. Once I visited an aircraft hanger in Germany that had been converted into a giant water park! Seeing a winter wonderland wouldn’t surprise me.

It was at this challenge that Tyler realized he had forgotten his fanny pack in the last car they were in, and I thought they were both going to lose it. Good for Tyler for staying calm and figuring out that he should wait for the other car to get there, but it was weird that Jackie wasn’t more honest about having it. She didn’t make more of an effort to hide it, really.

The Detour was a choice between two skilled challenges, both of which required a lot of balance and coordination. Neither of them seemed to give any team a serious challenge.

The one questionable challenge for me was the Road Block. It was another singing challenge, which we’ve had on The Race in the past. I always wonder how they’re really judging these singing challenges, because they can’t really penalize you for having an ugly voice. I also couldn’t tell if they were singing the words correctly or not, because they weren’t showing us the correct pronunciations on the screen or anything. It was definitely a little odd that every single girl who serenaded her man got splashed, but none of the guys did. Were the boys just better singers? No, I think they just wanted to see the girls scream and yell when they got splashed, and they knew splashing the boys wasn’t that good for TV.

Well, in the end the depressing duo of Kurt and Bergen was sent home. I’m glad they’re off to go complain about being incompatible somewhere else. What a drag they were.

Random Thoughts:

– I loved that the Oktoberfest waitress instructed Laura to push down her shirt so her boobs would show.

– How do you NOT learn how to drive stick when you’re going on The Amazing Race?! Inexcusable! I’m glad Kurt and Bergen are gone!

– It was kind of weird that so much screen time was spent all about this new Ford Focus having a backup camera. Don’t like…all cars have those nowadays? I just got a 2014 car a week ago that has one, and my car’s not even that fancy!