The Mysteries of Laura “The Mystery Of The Sunken Sailor” Review (Season 1 Episode 18)

The Mysteries of Laura - Season 1

In this episode of The Mysteries of Laura, called “The Mystery Of The Sunken Sailor,” the case takes on the navy when they find a murdered sailor.

After watching NCIS for the past 12 years, my loyalty was sort of on Agent Barrington’s side when Laura and her team wanted to snatch the case. I realize my education on how this sort of bureaucracy works is based on watching TV shows, but isn’t the whole point of having a Navy Criminal Investigative Service is that they investigate crimes (including murder) that involve their own people?

At least everyone found a way to play nice, though I wasn’t pleased to see how close Billy and Barrington got. Did they seriously sleep together after only one day of hanging out? And yet he seems to have no clue that Meredith is deeply into him? Come on Billy, get with the program! It was so sad to see Meredith get desperate enough that she kept calling Billy while he was on the stakeout. I get why she did it, but it kind of felt out of character for her. I thought Meredith was a badass. Then again, I suppose it shows just how much love can affect someone.

Okay, so is it just me or does Billy get involved in a foot chase in every episode? When it happened again this time, I was torn between wanting to find it funny like I usually do and feeling like it was getting a little ridiculous. It might be more fun if Billy actually ever caught the person he was chasing, but usually he ends up running his ass off, jumping over crap and dodging cars and people only to find his suspect at the end of Laura’s (or in this case, Agent Barrington’s) gun. Come on show, give the guy a little dignity and either don’t send him on these wacky chases or let him catch the suspect every once in a while. If I were him, I’d probably stop chasing people at this point.

Beyond the case, the background story was Frankie planning a pink princess birthday party for Laura. Why on earth would Frankie do that, since that is something Laura would absolutely hate? We have Max to thank for that. I have to admit that I totally didn’t get that he was setting Frankie up out of jealousy. I just thought he was pulling a prank on the new girl and having a little fun at both her and Laura’s expense.

I loved that Laura didn’t go ballistic and start throwing people out of her house when she came home to the surprise party. She took it like a champ and knew immediately who set it up and why. She took the time to explain to Max that he would always be her number one perky person, while still being super nice to Frankie. I think now that Max knows that no one will ever replace him in Laura’s eyes, he and Frankie could end up as a formidable team. It makes me excited to see what they will do for the next birthday.

Every other story quickly faded from my mind though, when Laura realized there was a chance she might be pregnant. Frankly, I have a hard time believing that the show would do that to her character this early in the series, but you never know. Part of the appeal of Laura’s character is seeing how she is both a badass cop and a mom. So it could be interesting to see how she deals with balancing her career while being pregnant. I know she’s done it before, but this time we’ll actually get to see it happen.

My favorite bits:

Stealing a detective’s wallet is bad enough, but stealing Laura’s would be infinitely worse.

Max taking another sip of his tea before declaring he was done with break.

Duh, of course it would be Max’s “thang” to plan all the office birthday parties.

Max’s devious smile after Frankie left the room.

Laura taking a moment to admire the sailors as they walked away. I didn’t blame her one bit.

Laura: “Aw. He referred to me by my gender? That is just the sweetest.”

Meredith: “We don’t want you to go for hours.”
Frankie: “Go where?”
Meredith: “Keep taking notes.”

Laura telling the store keeper that Billy needed a lot of help in the bedroom.

Max informing whoever was on the phone that Wilbur was the pig and Charlotte was the spider.

Barrington warning Billy to be nice or she would start reading his emails.

Agreeing with Meredith about the fried dough balls thing. They do indeed rarely suck.

Meredith kicking in Nancy’s door. Nice.

Frankie doing a little dance when she got a new lead. I think the precinct would be a very interesting place if they all started doing that.

Meredith trying to go along with Billy and finding out that Barrington was going instead. Uh oh.

Barrington totally picking up on the fact that Meredith was keeping tabs on them.

Barrington: “Your pants are buzzing. Do you want me to get that?”

Meredith: “Ouch! Player just got played.”

Oh, poor Frankie. She just never gets it, does she? Loved that she totally missed what Laura meant by Tony’s “present.”

Laura reassuring Max that Frankie that he would always be her perky, sunny, odd number one. Aw.

Laura’s face after Frankie made her “pregnant” remark. Uh oh.

What did you think of this episode of The Mysteries of Laura? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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