NCIS “Patience” Review (Season 12 Episode 19)

NCIS Patience Season 12 Episode 19 01

In this episode of NCIS, called “Patience,” a very old case comes back and nearly everyone is shuffled around as they go to great lengths to solve it.

Before I say what I want to say in this review, I feel that it is necessary to state that I really do like McGee. But being the Tony-lover that I am and a huge fan of the show’s early seasons, I couldn’t help but to love the Tony and Gibbs interaction in this episode.

Tony was all geared up and ready to go on his trip to Atlantic City (he was literally walking out the door, in fact) when one phrase stopped him in his tracks. The look shared between Tony and Gibbs when they heard “Lex Talionis” – those are looks that I live for on this show. No words, just expressions and they knew exactly what the other was thinking and were on the move to MTAC before McGee and Bishop could figure out what was happening.

There’s a part of me that wishes their trip to MTAC would have led to Gibbs and Tony running off on a mission by themselves. Again, I do not dislike McGee. I get just as much of a kick out of Tony and McGee going on missions together (let’s not forget their rescue of Ziva so many years ago). But how often do we see Tony and Gibbs working together on an op – with a serious, professional Tony and not just there for the butt of a few jokes?

While I didn’t exactly get my wish, I did still like the way this case played out. We saw a lot of roles switched up as the entire team pulled out all the stops to get to the end of the case. McGee and Abby on the aircraft carrier was brilliant, as was Ducky and Jimmy’s trip to Abby’s lab.

I do wish that McGee hadn’t taken the news of the classified op so badly. He’s been an agent for many years now and he has to know that this sort of thing is going to happen. Heck, it’s not even the first time that Tony has been read in on something that the rest of the team wasn’t. Did Gibbs throw a hissy fit when he found out Jenny was using Tony for her secret case? Okay, so maybe he did a little but it was based on the fact that he was the team leader and not that he was a whiny child who felt left out. Finding out that McGee has let Tony in on some classified information didn’t make me feel any better. I mean, isn’t that the whole idea of having classified info – that you don’t reveal it?

Overall, this episode was a lot of fun and the Tony and Gibbs interaction was top-notch. Their interrogation together was a thing of beauty.

My favorite bits:

Three ladies of the night discussing whether or not Pluto was a planet.

Jimmy: “Stilettos must be murder on the ice.”
Ducky: “…”
Jimmy: “That was a joke.
Ducky: “No, that was an attempt at a joke.” – Is it wrong then that I laughed my arse off?

McGee pulling a Gibbs on Gibbs by sneaking up behind him. Whoa.

Gibbs’ and Tony’s reactions to Lex Talionis. That moment was so awesome I had to watch it again and again.

Abby accusing Gibbs of “cheating” on her. Loved how quickly she got over it when Gibbs explained, and how Gibbs didn’t even blame her for it.

Abby repeating the word “pimping.” Totally reminded me of that time she said “ball peen” over and over again.

McGee telling Jimmy that Gibbs was in MTAC with “his favorite agent.”

Tony snatching the coffee from Palmer’s hand, and then Gibbs snatching it from his.

Tony and I pretty much wearing matching grins of delight after Jimmy made his comments about Gibbs’ angry glare.

Gibbs actually saying “angry glare.”

Tony admitting that he felt bad lying to McGee, but that he also enjoyed it a little bit, too.

Tony and McGee making up. Aw.

Collar Bone: “I don’t know what you’re smoking, but I want a hit.” – He was a snot to Gibbs, but I still had to admire his delivery of that line.

Everyone’s faces when they found out the class was for intimacy. I think Gibbs’ face said it best of all.

Poor Gibbs being forced to look into Tony’s eyes via the camera.

Vance: “He’s going to file for hazard pay.” – Ha! I would think Bishop would be the one to do that.

Being a little sad that we didn’t get to see Abby during the actual landing. I bet her reaction was priceless.

McGee realizing the timing of when Abby dated Goode’s friend. Awkward.

Tony actually coming to the conclusion that he might have intimacy issues. As Gibbs would say: YA THINK?? (He has been getting better though.)

Orlando showing up and asking for asylum. Whoa.

Ducky and Jimmy using Abby’s Lab for Dummies. Especially loved that Ducky was playing his own music in the lab.

Tony wisely telling Jimmy to pull up before he completed his snide comment about what year Ducky did his forensics class.

Tony: “Let it go, Elsa.”

Gibbs’ teeny, tiny smile when it was all over.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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