Justified “Fugitive Number One” Review (Season 6 Episode 11)

Justified Fugitive Number One Season 6 Episode 11 06

I’m getting that panicky feeling that starts 2 episodes before a favorite shows airs its final episode. I wish Justified could continue on for more seasons, but it’s at least going out with style.

This week, Boyd is recovering from being shot by Ava. The bullet ricocheted off his clavicle, so the damage isn’t life threatening. How fast he’ll recover from Ava’s betrayal is less certain. Raylan presses his nemesis for help on finding Ava. Boyd suggests she may be with Zachariah. From there, Raylan’s off to the mines. Gutterson has been getting some of the best lines this season… “I’ve been to Mordor, but not through the mines.”

Of course, Boyd is right and Ava is working with Zachariah. They decide to leave town with the money by heading through the hills. Isn’t there a better way? It’s winter and the trees are sparse, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to find them from the air. It doesn’t take Raylan long to figure out that she headed to an old service station. I loved the aerial shot of the Marshals coming up on the building.

The biggest drama of the episode is the death of Hale. Mikey tells her that Wynn Duffy ratted on Grady, so she decides to go kill him. Before she leaves, there’s a great scene between her and Markham. The fascinating thing about these characters is you’re never really sure how they feel about each other. Markham loves Hale, but for a second when he had his hand on her neck, I thought he might actually kill her. As for Hale, who knows if she really loves (or loved) Markham.

Duffy knows he’s screwed. Mikey’s sense of honor has been picqued and he wants Duffy to face the consequences. It was really clever how they handled the relationship with Duffy and Mikey in these scenes. Until this episode, Mikey has seemed largely like a good natured (for a killer) idiot, who is happy to take orders. But we find out that Mikey is kind of like the child in the relationship. He does what he’s told, but he’d like to be able to choose the music or take a break from being the chauffeur. He wants Duffy to treat him better. When Hale comes in and starts talking about loyalty to one’s partner in crime, I knew this was going to turn the tables for Mikey. As he and Hale wrestle, she puts bullet after bullet into him, but he doesn’t stop until she’s dead. When he collapses, he asks Duffy to hold him. It was an emotional, impactful for two characters who’ve consistently been on the periphery. I felt bad for poor Mikey and for Duffy. Big kudos to the Justified writers on this one.

Before Markham learns of Hale’s death, he continues his thuggery in Harlan. Loretta should’ve checked the backseat before getting into her car, because she got a rude surprise. Boon is hiding in there and proposes that Loretta align herself with Markham. She should’ve taken the offer and then double-crossed them. But she stands her ground. This conflict between Loretta, Boon, and Markham is only going to be satisfactorily resolved if Loretta is the one who puts bullets in their heads.

Markham springs Carl in an effort to find out from Boyd where the money went. Markham can’t actually think that Carl is capable of taking down Boyd. Naturally, Carl fails and Boyd escapes. Raylan then has to go save Earl from being killed by Markham’s men.

This leads to one of my favorite scenes of the season. Raylan finds that the local cops are taking Earl to give him to Markham. Raylan gives a scathingly sarcastic evaluation of the situation, and pulls no punches in calling out the corrupt cops. One of his final missives is perfect, “Earl, step away from the dirty cop.”

Back at the marshal’s office, Vasquez and Rachel’s jobs are on the line since the case against Boyd is botched. Vasquez suggests that Raylan is dating Ava and they stole the money together. If Art actually believes that, I’ll be very disappointed. Besides the fact they know Raylan, they know that Raylan is committed to his daughter and would never run away with Ava. It’s great when Gutterson messes with Raylan later, “If I help you out, you going to cut me in on that $10 million?”

I’m concerned that Raylan is going rogue to capture Boyd and Ava. If he goes too far, the options for him will be prison or death. I don’t like either of those possibilities. It will also make me very sad if Art ends up coming after Raylan.