Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “One Door Closes” Review (Season 2 Episode 15)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 1 Shadows (1)

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returned tonight with a much needed episode with “One Door Closes”, as we see the fall of SHIELD taking place from the perspective of the Real SHIELD crew. Ever since this whole Real SHIELD thing was revealed, I’ve had some serious concerns about it. I wasn’t sure that I bought Mac and Bobbi betraying Coulson and crew in this fashion, and I also wasn’t quite sure how the Real SHIELD differed from the original recipe. I was pretty excited to get some answers tonight, as well as some cool new stuff with Skye.

What we did end up getting was a bit of a mixed bag, unfortunately. All of the flashbacks to the day SHIELD fell were pretty cool, and it was great to see Lucy Lawless’ Izzy back for a little bit, but I’m still at a complete loss as to what the Real SHIELD actually is.

Everything they’re doing and saying confuses me. First of all, there’s this whole morally superior attitude that everybody seems to have, especially Weaver and Gonzalez. Weaver tells Fitz-Simmons that they shouldn’t even have the right to call themselves SHIELD. Um, excuse me lady, but Nick Fury himself named Coulson the director. These guys are the real deal SHIELD whether she likes it or not. I’d much rather they just split off and call themselves something else entirely, rather than act like they’re the actual SHIELD, but then they disagree with everything that SHIELD believes in. Gonzalez kept condemning Fury and all of his secrets, but the compartmentalization was what made SHIELD so successful for so long. That’s what SHIELD is all about. Maybe you don’t like it, so make up your own agency!

Then there’s the big outstanding question: What the hell does Real SHIELD do all day. Like, what is their job? Do they neutralize threats? Catch bad guys? Solve world hunger? Who knows?! We haven’t heard a lick about these guys day jobs at all, which makes their anger at how Coulson’s handled things even more frustrating. Hey Gonzalez, maybe if you were dealing with alien technology and an underground ancient city and a new freak-of-the-week popping up to wreak havoc, then let’s see how you’d handle it! You can’t criticize Coulson for dealing with all this stuff when it was thrown at him against his will. Again…that’s what SHIELD freakin’ does!

Gonzalez also has this weird thing against all of this extraterrestrial business, like Coulson being filled with alien blood and Skye having powers. Shouldn’t a SHIELD agent be used to stuff like this? I can’t say this enough, Agents of SHIELD writers: Tell me what Real SHIELD does!

I also can’t help but feel like this hostile takeover of SHIELD could have been a little less…hostile. I know they were trying to refrain from killing other agents, so that was nice I guess, but maybe they could have just…reached out to Coulson. Give him a call. Would that have been so bad? Maybe if he knew there was another SHIELD out there they could have come to terms with how they run things and they could have combined their resources! SHIELD could have kept doing what they do and Real SHIELD could have kept doing…whatever it is they do, and that would be that! Instead Gonzalez would rather imprison and interrogate his own agents when a peaceful resolution to this would have probably been very easy to come by.

Anyway, all of this craziness even seeped over into Skye’s storyline. It was cool seeing her have a nice long chat with Gordon, and he said way more than he’s ever said before, but then the whole thing gets screwed up when Real SHIELD shows up. Of course, Skye feels all guilty for doing that awesome force push thing on Calderon and Bobbi, despite the fact that Calderon was totally gonna shoot her with real bullets. That agent she fought had real bullets, too! Don’t feel bad for fighting them, Skye! It’s self defense!

Anyway, she’s off to meet Gordon’s boss, and presumably also her dad. I really hope that this whole Real SHIELD thing is figured out quickly, as I’m really starting to lose my patience.

Random Thoughts:

– The Battlestar Galactica fanboy in me was pretty pumped to see a mini reunion tonight when Edward James Olmos and Lucy Lawless. Not that they had many scenes together, but I was pretty excited!

– I was really hoping that Skye slipping on those gloves would lead to a sweet training montage where she learned to harness her powers. Alas, all we got was a little spinning water faucet.

– The main reason I hope this Real SHIELD thing goes away soon is that I’m already pretty sick of typing “Real SHIELD”.