Forever “Punk is Dead” Review (season 1 Episode 19)

Forever Hitler on the Half Shell Episode 14

We were given an all-around pleasant episode of Forever this week. There was nothing particularly standout about the episode, but the show wasn’t particularly indulgent or idiotic. If anything “Punk is Dead” showed that the writers and actors are getting a better grip on the characters, offering opportunities for a bit more in the way of creative interplay between the regulars.

As an example, the show’s not straining as hard to put Henry and Jo in a room together and expect chemistry. Maybe one day the two will feel like partners, but the show actually works a lot better when it treats them like two members of an investigation team. Here, we saw Lt. Reece bending her own rules to allow Henry a chance to further his investigation of a newly-reopened case. In turn, this led to Henry and Lucas, of all people, hitting up a club together in pursuit of a DNA sample.

It allowed for a lot of great humorous moments, all of which grew out of the relationships between the different characters. We got another instance of Henry using Lucas as a murder dummy, for one, but the highlight was easily getting to see Hansen cutting loose at karaoke night. Somehow, Hansen continues to be my favorite character week after week.

For the second week in a row, the show did a good job of making Henry likable by putting him in a vulnerably position. Here, we saw the months following Abigail leaving Henry and his struggle to accept the end of his marriage and, ultimately, the longest, most stable relationship he’d had since becoming immortal.

What made this work so well is that we’d previously seen Abigail struggling with how other people perceived their relationship as she’d gotten older. In turn, it fell to Henry to feel the heartbreak once she left. As usual, the connection between the past and present storylines was tenuous at best, but it helped to inform Henry’s character. Here’s hoping we’ll discover Abigail’s fate before the end of the season.

The one major downside this week is that Cuba Gooding, Jr. barely appeared. He was a delightful addition last week, and while it was nice to see a couple of scenes with him tonight, I would’ve liked a bit more. Hopefully, he can make a more meaningful impact on next week’s episode.

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