Castle “Habeas Corpse” Review (Season 7 Episode 19)


Personal injury attorney Richie “The Pitbull” Falco was this week’s vic on Castle. The night also featured talk of a fun competition between Kate and Castle and Esposito and Ryan as the gang got ready to perform in the precinct’s talent show. Jimmy Kimmel was set to be the guest celebrity, but after dropping out Castle fills in!

The Case

Richie “The Pitbull” is found beaten to a bloody pulp in an alley way. Kate and Castle get on the case and begin talking to those in the Pitbull’s circle. Apparently, the attorney wasn’t himself days prior to his death. They also discover that he had his eye on a patient who was involved in a car accident. The case brings us on a wild goose chase with several colorful suspects.

After catching a potential lead in the case, Castle and Kate end up out in the woods in a location visited by the Pitbull before his death. Caskett would have had more time to practice for the talent show, but some crazy shows up in the woods and ties them up as they are trying to locate a body.

In the end, the long trail of clues leads to Archie Brawnstein, a con artist who physically fought with Pitbull at a diner the night before he was discovered. Archie was trying to blackmail the city with a fake case, but Pitbull wasn’t having it.

The Talent Show

As for the talent show, we never did get to see the big event that brought a lot of excitement to the first half of the hour. We also learned that Kate is actually afraid of something – performing on stage. While Castle was busy talking smack to Ryan and Esposito about winning, he missed this until the truth ultimately made its way out.

This episode felt more like a filler more than anything else. ‘Castle’ will go on a small break, set to return on Monday, April 20. Maybe episode 20 will give us some much needed action. What do you think Casket fans?