Revenge “Clarity” Review (Season 4 Episode 18)

Though Victoria’s newfound sense of purpose didn’t give the show the large boost in excitement I was hoping for, this was still an all-around solid episode of Revenge. The storylines moved along at a good pace and the characters were as well-played as ever. Still, there’s still a feeling in “Clarity” that things keep going wrong more because the characters refuse to allow themselves any happiness or normalcy.

However duplicitous Margaux’s story was, it’s good to have Victoria back on the vengeance warpath. In a way, it’s a regression for the character, but dang if she doesn’t have a way for manipulation and cruelty. She’s a talented manipulator herself, and she lands in Hunter and Louise’s lives like a bomb, throwing things into chaos. The writers clearly have more fun with Victoria as well, as she’s been put into a more powerful, controlling position than Margaux has been yet.

As much as I disliked Louise early in the season, there’s no excusing the way Nolan was treating. Yes, their marriage was founded on a weird base, but that doesn’t change how they’d been acting towards one another in the meantime. On top of that, his argument that she’s unstable is shaky at best, given how normal she’s been since getting off her medication; even Limon’s death was more his fault. Really, it just felt like the standard story of a party boy scared of giving up his wild bachelor days for something real. And now that she’s been jilted, there’s no telling what – or who – Louise might turn to for her own revenge.

Meanwhile, Stevie was all over the place this week. After her plot-necessitated return last week, she was on a weird little warpath of her own this week, attacking Emily at every opportunity. And while her stance would be somewhat understandable under normal circumstances, why wouldn’t she want them to come clean about Daniel? Marguax threatened Jack’s custody because of that lie, so it seems like the better move would be to just tell the truth, or at least a Margaux-agreeable version of it.

Still, Stevie’s words, along with those of several other characters, led to Emily finally revealing the truth to the world, outing herself as Amanda Clarke. Now, as this was the cliffhanger moment of the episode, it’s hard to have an idea of where this is going. I will say that it’s a moment that’s long overdue, especially given that everyone who matters has known the truth for months. I guess we’ll see where things go in two weeks, when the show returns.

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