Helix “Plan B” Review (Season 2 Episode 11)

Helix - Season 2

It pains me to say this, but Helix has jumped the shark. I don’t know what happened to the cool, stylized, clever show from season 1. This season has been a complete mess. I had hopes that it would pull out of the death spiral, and it seems highly unlikely that’s going to happen.

This week, the Peter and Anne freak show continued. Anne decided to mold Peter into the new Michael because, as Amy explains, she needs someone to worship. We start with Peter cooing over the basement baby and getting excited when he thinks it smiled at him. From there, he decides to commit mass murder. This shift in Peter—CDC scientist to cult leader—gave me whiplash. Where did this come from? Peter survived Narvik without going crazy, but now he’s lost it because Sarah hurt his feelings? This all just makes no sense. If this was going to be his path, he should’ve been straight up evil from the beginning.

Peter and Anne concoct a plan to kill all the non-believers on the island, including the CDC team, Coast Guard and Alan. To get the ball rolling, Peter releases Kyle and tells him that Alan is to blame for everything. Peter then brutally stabs a guard to death. This is when the show strays into gratuitously gruesome territory. How did Peter manage to gut and string up the guard? Does he have super strength now? It was unnecessary to have so many close up shots of the disemboweled body. We get it…Peter did a bad thing.

Then there’s Julia. She continues with the plan to implant Sarah’s baby into Amy. She tells Amy she’s going to do this using an artificial umbilical cord and placenta. Really? And where did these come from? I can’t imagine it’s something she had tucked into her excursion pack or whipped up in the abbey’s botany lab. Amy is no fool but never questions this. She’s eager for her immortality and holds the location of the magic stick hostage until she gets it. That doesn’t work out well for her because she’s tricked with fake silver eyes (how?).

While all this is going on, the military is resorting to Plan B, which is a chemical attack on the island’s inhabitants. How does this address the problem of the bees carrying the disease to other islands? Are they gassing the other locations, too?

There have been a lot of times this season where I’ve scratched my head and wondered, “Why?” Last week, Sergio fell to his death and it looks like he’s going to stay dead. No special immortal healing powers for him. Which makes me wonder why they even bothered bringing his character back for this kind of throwaway appearance. Sergio was one of the more interesting characters in the Arctic. You were never sure of his alliances or how he got involved in the Ilaria shadiness. We’ll never know, because after an extended cameo, he’s dead.

Quasimodo, on the other hand, didn’t die in the multistory fall. He attacks his mother before heading after Amy. While it looks like Amy has succumbed to the effects of Plan B, the fact that she’s still gasping for breath when dragged away (presumably by Landry) shows that she hasn’t left us quite yet. At this point, I kind of don’t care what happens to these characters.

There were a couple bright spots in the episode. The scene between Julia and Alan was well done. Alan calls her out on her final words to him in the Arctic—to find her. She blames him for searching for her (and attacking Ilaria) even though she asked him to do so. It was also satisfying for Amy to get her comeuppance.

I can suspend reality on a lot of things to buy into this show, including Alan synthesizing a cure to the disease in a matter of hours with the abbey’s rudimentary equipment. The idea that he’s taught a small child to do it is just ludicrous. Also, if the Plan B spray killed the mother stick, how come all of the other trees were not killed?

I’m disappointed. Helix had all the tools to make an interesting science fiction show: the evil multinational corporation, immortals, and a team of do-gooders to fight the forces of evil. I can’t understand why they decided on this stupid abbey story that revolved around inbreeding, torture, and murder. Ilaria has been completely relegated to the sidelines. It’s such a waste.