Grey’s Anatomy “With Or Without You” Review (Season 11 Episode 17)

Happy 10th Birthday, Grey’s Anatomy! This week’s episode was all about revelations for the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial.


The biggest revelation of the episode were the events in DC that led up to a mystery woman answering Derek’s phone and culminated with Derek unexpectedly showing up in Seattle to talk to Meredith. Although I appreciate Derek’s sense of urgency, as he rushed out of his DC office to catch a flight home, it’s still really difficult to wrap my mind around the idea that he would forget his keys and his cell phone and apparently not return to the office for them. Although Derek was no longer handling medical emergencies, having two kids at home seems like a pretty good reason to keep your cell phone on you – even if you are traveling home to be with your family.

Full disclosure, I fast forwarded through most of the scenes with Derek and his very attractive, very bright colleague. Is it just me or did she really look like a female version of Terrence Howard? We learned that Derek had indeed become very close with his new colleague, but this was not a cruel case of history repeating itself. It was clear that the two had chemistry and honestly, I did not think it was a stretch for her to suspect that their relationship had some not-so-professional undercurrents to it. Derek was not necessarily inappropriate with her, but there was something about the two when they were together.

Although I kinda flew through the Derek/mystery lady scenes, I did like the choice the writers made to actually show us what happened, rather than just having viewers learn as we listened to Derek relay the events to Meredith. By the episode’s end, Meredith lost her streak, but reclaimed her marriage. I hope this is the end of the Meredith/Derek marital drama for now. Now let’s hope Derek can finally turn the corner with Amelia. Watching an uncomfortable rivalry between the siblings would not be the best use of the incredible talents of Dempsey and Scorsone.


Owen was also among the Grey Sloan doctors experiencing major revelations in last night’s episode. We were finally introduced to his mother, Evelyn, who came in after taking a nasty spill in the shower. Like Owen, I initially thought that John was a dedicated EMT worker who was sticking around to make sure that Evelyn was okay. I loved how Amelia and Richard already knew that John and Evelyn were dating and the looks of amusement on their faces as they watched Owen stumble into the revelation that his mother was dating a man that was younger than him. I’m glad that Owen opened up to John. I got a little teary when Evelyn tried to push John away, particularly after the harsh exchange she’d just had with Owen.

As an aside, it was a big night for actors from Shameless in Shondaland. The actress portraying Evelyn was Frank Gallagher’s mother. Over on Scandal, the actress portraying one of Frank’s daughters had a brief cameo as Cyrus’s ex-wife. It looks like the common tie is Lyn Paolo, who does styling on Shameless and for the Shonda shows.

My New Phobia

Every now and then Grey’s Anatomy features a patient whose case helps me discover a new phobia. I had never feared something taking up residence in my sinuses until the whiny patient and the leech last night. Blech. Up until now, I was only afraid of bugs in the ears, due to a very disturbing incident involving my aunt and a moth. *shivers* Okay, enough bug talk for me.

Until Next Week!

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