NCIS “Status Update” Review (Season 12 Episode 18)

NCIS Status Update Season 12 Episode 18 02

In this episode of NCIS, called “Status Update,” McGee and Delilah’s relationship hits a couple rocks, just in time to use the tension to help them with a case.

I knew that things had gotten a little strained with McGee and Delilah after the explosion, but I thought all of that was behind them. I guess there was more there to be hashed out though. When the team caught a case that lead back to a case at the DoD, McGee and Delilah couldn’t hide from anyone the fact that their relationship wasn’t going smoothly.

Tony and Bishop tried to give McGee advice, which was absolutely hilarious when you consider how neither of them really has the perfect relationship. Bishop and her husband have been testy with each other almost every time we’ve seen them on screen together. And Tony? I mean I love the guy, but he hasn’t exactly had the best track record. I did love the fact that Tony mentioned he was in a serious relationship though. I’m still not positive if he actually meant it or was just saying it for Tina’s benefit, but it almost doesn’t matter. The fact that he said it was a big step for him.

As for Bishop’s advice to McGee that he should practice his work-flirt game – that didn’t sit well with me for some reason. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve personally seen how work-flirting by one party in a relationship can hurt the other person. It didn’t happen to me, but I did see it happen and it wasn’t pretty.

Luckily, McGee didn’t seem to take Tony and Bishop’s advice. Instead, he did everything he could to just talk to Delilah and find out what was happening. Did he go a little too far with the amount of texts and messages he left for her? Perhaps. But at least he was putting his feelings out there and letting her know that he wanted to talk. McGee couldn’t have known that she was being forced to keep secrets from him due to a case. That’s the rough part about being in a relationship with someone who has a job like they both do – sometimes they are going to have to hide things from each other.

To me, McGee and Delilah weren’t upset at each other for keeping secrets about their job. As McGee said later in the episode, secrets can be kind of sexy. I think they were upset at each other for keeping secrets about how they felt. While their fight wasn’t fun to watch (well, not until they used it as part of a distraction for Malik) it did allow them to get everything out into the open. Once that happened, they were closer than ever. That’s what I call a mature way to handle a relationship issue and it left me with very high hopes for their future. Could we be seeing another wedding on the horizon? I think so.

My favorite bits:

Tina: “What if I show him a little shoulder?”
McGee: “Never worked for me.”

McGee: “Thank you for picking at the scab on my heart, guys.”

Gibbs admitting he had no idea what his team was talking about.

Tony: “Late night hankering for wood work?”
Gibbs: “Yeah, well, it happens.”

Totally knowing that Gibbs would be able to get that Marine under control.

Thinking Ducky definitely had a point about what people post online. Loved his use of a hashtag.

The way Ducky said “brassiere.” I may have to pronounce it that way from now on.

Tony: “What do you do now?”
Scott: “Paper.”
Tony: “I bet that sounded better in your head.”

Delilah totally not missing the conversation between McGee and Tina. Nothing wrong with her ears.

Tony telling Bishop to back down so they could let the fighting couple turn sparks into fire. Brilliant.

McGee’s face when Tony proudly announced that he had “cleared up” the situation with Delilah about Tina. Uh oh.

Tony: “I vote sending in Bishop selling Girl Scout cookies in a dress.”
Bishop: “I can make that work.”

The NCIS vs. ICE stand-off. Whoa.

Delilah: “Well, this is awkward.”

Tony asking McGee if he had passed health class after McGee’s speech about pollination.

Tony’s “Oh, honey!” when he found out how much McGee had been trying to contact Delilah. I don’t know where the heck that came from, but it did make me giggle.

Tony: “Women wan the illusion of being chased. They don’t want to actually be chased.”

Vance’s weak, half-hearted attempt to stop Gibbs from leaving MTAC. That was hilarious.

And now I want to go clean my balustrade. Thanks, Abby.

Finding that argument between McGee and Delilah very, very uncomfortable. But not nearly as uncomfortable as McGee opening the door to find Malik holding a gun.

Bishop’s face when Tony told Tina he was in a very committed relationship.

Tony informing Raff not to make things a measuring contest and Gibbs telling him they were bigger. Ha!

Delilah and McGee using their real argument to feed a fake one for Malik. Whew!

McGee asking Delilah to pull the trigger. Whoa. I had a feeling he knew the gun wasn’t loaded, but still.

Finding out that even Delilah knew about Rule Number 9.

McGee’s “hello” to Delilah. Awwwwwww!

McGee: “I know kung fu.”
Tony: “Yes you do and you have learned well, Grasshopper.”

McGee’s comment about how “secrets can be sexy.” That was all kinds of sexy.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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