Justified “Trust” Review (Season 6 Episode 10)

Justified Trust Season 6 Episode 10 04

Back at the beginning of the season, I had a thought that Ava might just be the one to triumph at the end of Justified‘s run. While Boyd and Raylan are at each other’s throats, she might be able to disappear with Markham’s cash. This week, that vision seems to have come to fruition. But I don’t think Ava is free and clear, yet. Given all her past misdeeds, I’m thinking she shouldn’t be the one to come out triumphant. At the end of the day, Ava only cares about Ava and that might be her undoing.

Raylan and Boyd keep trying to out maneuver each other when it comes to Markham’s money. Raylan wants to lead him into a trap, but knows Boyd won’t because he’s too smart. Boyd wants the money so badly he can hardly stand it, but knows that Raylan is too smart to let him have it. Which creates quite the impasse. The only thing that may end the stalemate is Ava. Fearful that she’ll be sent back to prison, Ava offers to get Boyd to confess to Dewey’s murder. Anyone who’s watched this show knows that’s never going to happen.

Puppet master Raylan is clearly getting frustrated. He wants to bring Boyd down but knows they can’t rush things or they’ll make a mistake. He goes to Markham and tells him to inform Hale that he’s moving the bank vault money. Markham doesn’t want to believe that Hale is in cahoots with Boyd, but he quickly learns otherwise. Everything Markham tells her, Hale relays to Wynn Duffy and Boyd.

While Raylan is trying to get everything set up, there’s an irritating fly buzzing around his head…Boon. He’s trying desperately to push Raylan’s buttons, but Raylan is thoroughly unimpressed. It’s hard to say if Boon has some messed up system of honor/ethics or if he’s just crazy. He decides that hipsters should not wear cowboy hats and ends up going after the waiter in the diner. His next target is Loretta. As soon as Boon goes after her, things between him and Raylan are going to come to a head. I’m hoping this happens in classic showdown… I want Boon to go down Rocky Raccoon style.

Markham takes Boon with him to visit Loretta’s great aunt. This woman is awesome. She sees through Markham and calls him out. She knows that he’s plotting to kill Loretta. It’s easy to see where the girl gets her feistiness. When he’s unsuccessfully in bullying the old lady, he sends Boon in to kill her. Could this be the thing that motivates Loretta to take a run at Markham? I want Raylan to take out Boon, but it would be pretty spectacular if Loretta took out Markham.

Meanwhile, Boyd is coming up with a Plan B because he knows the money transfer is a trap. He gets Limehouse to make him and Ava fake passports and documents so they can flee Harlan with the money. Then Boyd comes up with a desperate, half-cocked plan that incredibly and inexplicably works. Boyd’s grand plan is to hold Hale captive to get the money. Even though Markham suspects Hale’s duplicity, he brings the money. How did this happen? I thought for sure Markham hid some explosives or something in with the cash. I can’t believe he’d trade $10 million for Hale. Not only does Boyd get the cash, he gets the last laugh by outing Hale to Markham. That was a nice touch.

Then comes the most shocking moment of the episode. Boyd meets up with Ava so they can ride off into the sunset. Instead, she shoots him. Ava’s fear is going back to prison. I don’t think she planned to turn on Boyd. But as her conversation with Raylan in the car demonstrates, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. In this case, she wants her freedom.

Things are going to come to a head next week as Ava brings the money to Zachariah. It’d be kind of fitting if the money got lost down a mineshaft. Considering Boyd’s fear of mineshafts, going in after the cash could be the end of him. It also looks like things are going to take a bad turn for Wynn Duffy. His sidekick, Mikey, isn’t so moronic after all. He figures out that Duffy set up Grady and is going to out him to Hale.

Episodes like this one make me sad that Justified is ending. The writers have done a fantastic job this season of balancing the many moving pieces of the storylines and a large group of characters. I want to find out what happens with Raylan and Boyd, but that means the show will be over, so I also want to avoid that resolution as long as possible.