Forever “Dead Men Tell Long Tales” Review (Season 1 Episode 18)

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I’ll admit, Henry actually won me over a bit on this episode of Forever. While I’m sure he’ll be back to his usually persnickety self by next week, it was nice to see him so ruffled and unhinged in search of answers about his own curse. Throw in another appearance from Adam and a delightful performance from a big-name guest star, and “Dead Men Tell Long Tales” stands out as one of the show’s best episodes so far.

Usually, we see Henry in a position of knowledge at best, smug superiority at worst. Here, though, the appearance of the excavation of the ship he first died on really unnerved him, to the point that he was barely competent. Actually, he was basically booted from the case, so perhaps competency of any kind is too kind. Still, to see him making so many mistakes helped to humanize Henry in a way we haven’t really seen up to this point. As smart as he is, it’s important that Henry mess up every once in a while so that we can relate to the guy.

And his discovery of the weapon that killed him ultimately meant the return of the mysterious Adam. The show just comes to life when the bigger mystery of Henry’s immortality comes into play, even more so when the off-kilter Adam shows his face. The guy is certifiable, but you never know if he’s going to be a threat or unlikely ally to Henry. Here, he was extending another olive branch, one that came in the twisted form of a way for Henry to possibly end his life. With the gun now in play, the season’s endgame storyline has started to come into focus.

As creepy as he came across in all of the previews for this episode, Cuba Gooding, Jr. was actually a lot of fun, bringing a kooky, off-center energy to the episode, even if he didn’t have a whole lot to do. It was also great to see him give Martinez her own storyline independent of Henry, however briefly. It’s the sort of storyline that gave her character a bit more fleshing out, and I’m glad he’ll be making another appearance before the season’s end. Plus, having Henry and Hansen awkwardly trying to determine what the noises from the apartment were was a pretty fun.

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