Scorpion “Young Hearts Spark Fire” Review Season 1 Episode 19

Scorpion Young Hearts Spark Fire Episode 19 01

In the latest episode of “Scorpion,” Walter and the team got a look at what can result from love gone horribly awry in the aptly-titled “Young Hearts Spark Fire.” When a church group of hikers loses their way in the woods, the team is called into locate them. Seems like a fairly straight-forward assignment…what could go wrong? Pretty much everything, as it turns out.

After the team figures out the likely location of the hikers, everyone but Cabe heads into the woods via helicopter, with a military pilot in charge of flying the craft. Unfortunately, there’s high winds which cause an equipment malfunction, which causes the helicopter to come crashing down, basically resulting in an already-hesitant-to-fly Sylvester’s worst nightmare. Thanks to some quick thinking on Walter’s behalf, the pilot is able to steer them into a group of trees, which results in them being saved from crashing into the ground, which almost certainly would have killed them all.

However, they next have to climb down from the helicopter and the tree they’re lodged in, so the danger was far from over. Sly calculates the order in which they need to leave the copter, but Walter balks at going before Paige and insists she go first instead. He very nearly pays dearly for the mistake as Sly’s calculations, as ever, prove right on the money and Walter just barely makes it to the ground and out of the way as the helicopter crashes down to the ground right behind him, nearly flattening him.

Unfortunately, the SAT phone intended to communicate with Cabe and the ground team was destroyed in the crash, partially as a result of Toby clinging to Happy as they crashed down into the trees, which she is not too, ahem, happy about. To make matters worse, the pilot was seriously injured in the crash, with a huge piece of shrapnel embedded in his leg, making it impossible for him to walk. So, Sly stays behind with the pilot as the rest go in search of the hikers, much to his chagrin, as Sly has been belly-aching pretty much the entire time, between not wanting to fly and not wanting to rappel from the helicopter down from the trees, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by the pilot.

The team follows their calculations as to where the hikers are, which prove to be accurate as per usual. They also figure out the best place to head to ensure Cabe is able to pick them up once he realizes what had happened, a nearby basin, which also proves accurate. However, disaster strikes yet again when the crashed copter starts a fire, which spreads quickly on account of the aforementioned winds. This forces Sly and the pilot to leave the area, which they do by fashioning a stretcher from one of the copter’s doors and a rope pull with the seatbelts, which Sly uses to cart the pilot out of there, just as the fire starts to rage.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team encounters problems of their own when, in the course of evading the fire themselves, they run into a cliff over a ravine that’s directly blocking their path out of the way of the fire. So, Happy fashions an ad-hoc swing with the rappelling rope and a rock by slinging it over a branch. It holds, as proven by a willing Walter, and everyone makes it across, but as they say, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire- in this case literally, as the fire has already spread to the other side. The group just barely is able to get through a corridor between the fires to a clearing, but the fire is closing in rapidly.

As this is happening, Sly and the pilot face troubles of their own as the fire threatens to overwhelm them. Sly spots a sewer pipe and the two scurry inside, as Sly uses the copter door as a shield against the fire. Once it passes, they get out, but the path proves treacherous, and it looks like Sly will never be able to get the stretcher over the terrain in any way, shape or form, a fact that does not go unnoticed by the pilot, who insists Sly leave him behind. Of course, Sly doesn’t roll that way, so he simply tosses the guy over his shoulders and carries him out of there, just in time to catch up with the others, who have managed to signal Cabe’s rescue copter by using a diamond ring to cause a plume of green smoke to arise or something like that.

The day saved, along with everyone else, the irony is that the reason the hikers got lost in the first place was that one of them saw a waterfall and had been planning to propose to his girlfriend- hence the diamond ring- and subsequently got lost as a result of leaving the main path. Ergo, love almost killed all of his friends and loved one, not to mention the Scorpion team and the pilot and also inadvertently causing a wildfire. Factor in Toby’s actions with Happy, which cost them the SAT phone; and Walter’s insistence that Paige leave the copter first, which almost cost him his own life, and it’s clear that love often makes one do stupid things, which does not go unnoticed by Walter.

The episode was also bookended with a series of cute scenes, two with Happy and Toby engaging in a playful bet over a paper airplane with the loser treating the other one to dinner, and another with Toby presenting an involved mathematical equation explaining why Walter clearly had feelings for Paige, which he was not amused by and later erased- mostly. (He left behind a cutesy drawing of him and Paige within a heart.)

Further, Toby also finally declared his feelings for Happy in the heat of the moment- literally- as they were about to be engulfed in flames, towards the end of the episode, a moment which was amusingly stepped on by an arriving Cabe, who sprayed Toby with a fire extinguisher by accident just as he uttered the dreaded “L”-word. At the end of the episode, Toby was able to finally complete that emotion, as he informed Happy he regretted nothing he’d said.

So, if Walter has his doubts about love, Toby clearly does not, but I think that’s a good thing, as Walter should only commit to Paige if he’s sure, and he isn’t as of yet. Besides, Toby and Happy are pretty adorbs together, while Walter and Paige are still very much in the awkward phase. The episode also hinted at the imminent return of Drew, aka Paige’s ex, though, so Walter may need to step it up sooner than later, whether he likes it or not. We shall see.

All in all, an extremely fast-paced episode that was definitely like a house of cards falling down one by one as the episode progressed. Granted, there wasn’t a whole lot of time for character development- I don’t even think I got a single name of any of the hikers over the course of the episode- but what was there was enjoyable, from the aforementioned stuff with Toby and Happy and Walter, to the great moments with the pilot and Sly, especially the one where the pilot later told Sly he’d be proud to call him his son, after Sly had earlier admitted he’d been an embarrassment to his own military father, so he wasn’t surprised the pilot thought he was useless.

So, while we admittedly traded emotion for action more often than not, it was still there, nonetheless, not in the least evident in the very theme of the show, which was all about the sacrifices people make in the name of love. “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” indeed. I can’t say I have any complaints about that lack of development, especially since it was there if you looked underneath the surface. Basically, the writers left it for the viewers to find between the lines, so it was there, just not as obviously as it has been on occasion, which is fine. Not everything has to be spelled out for us, you know?

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you also find it exciting? Or do you prefer the more character-driven episodes? Are you happy with the way the various relationships are progressing? Who is your favorite character? How about your least favorite? Sound off down below and I’ll see you next episode!