Revenge “Loss” Review (Season 4 Episode 17)

For the most part, this was another middle-of-the-road episode of Revenge. The Margaux/Emily rivalry is still struggling to bring the same level of conflict the show has been known for in the past, especially with how all over the map Marguax’s behavior has been. Still, a classic Emily Thorne bit of revenge helped to give “Loss” a bit more life than other recent episodes, while also setting the stage for the show to regain some life moving forward.

The big problem with Margaux is that it’s hard to fully understand her motivations. Even though she’s been let in on why Daniel’s heroism was covered up, she’s still gone after Emily with an unbelievable amount of rage and spite. She took things even further this week, doing everything in her power to frame Jack and tear him away from his son. It’s one thing to want to clear Daniel’s name, but her willingness to destroy another family to do it was just a step too far.

Because Margaux, for the most part, had been a good character. Yeah, she’s had her moments, but she served as a rare force of integrity on this show. So to see her fall so far over something at least partially justifiable is depressing. Then, for her to slap away and olive branch and continue to scheme after losing everything, took her to an even worse place. It’s hard to imagine any sort of redemption in the future for Margaux LeMarchal.

Still, for all the destruction of one character, that final lie on her part does bring Victoria back into the plot in a big, bold way. Victoria’s a character who’s had a hard time staying relevant of late, with this week’s foundation vote storyline an all-time low for the character. The resolution to that thread was even more ridiculous, with Margaux just sort of being forgiven. Still, it did reinforce the idea that Victoria will always be suspicious of Emily, no matter what, a quality that will have her once again out to destroy Emily in the coming weeks.

For all its cliffhanger importance last week, Jack actually didn’t have a whole lot to do this week. Yes, his trial was the focus, but he didn’t get much to do personally. Instead, it fell to his returning mother to do most of the fighting. Ultimately, though, it gave us a brief revenge scheme from Emily, as she teamed up with Hunter and Nolan to put pressure on a crooked judge. Fun stuff, overall, and a welcome callback to what this show used to give us every week in the early seasons.

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