The Flash “Rogue Time” Review (Season 1 Episode 16)

So despite all the big bombshells that dropped last week, yes, time travel meant that a lot of those big moments were undone in this episode of The Flash. And while time travel could run the risk of being an easy cheat down the road, for now it worked to turn the clock back to a simpler point moving into the final leg of the season. And really, what “Rogue Time” undid from the last episode was more than made up for by the return of Captain Cold and Heat Wave to the show.

After their last appearance, I saw a little bit of pushback against the Rogues and the over-the-top performances of Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. And yes, the pair – along with Cold’s sister Lisa – have a habit of really chewing up the scenery. However, whereas Reverse-Flash and Gorilla Grodd are serious characters, the Rogues are meant to be fun individuals. Can they do crazy, unhinged things? Sure, but they’re also a goofy bunch in the comics, so I say let the actors have a ball.

It goes back to Cold’s very first appearance, where he was bored with his life of crime. The Flash brought a sense of fun and excitement back to his life, and he’s returning the favor by turning their encounters into elaborate games. He may know who Barry is now, but he still wants to do best him in a true battle of wits. He’s willing to stop killing people because it means their dance can go on, and that just means more fun times are ahead for the audience. It also doesn’t hurt that Cold and Heatwave are cast in the Flash/Arrow spin-off coming next season.

And really, the reason such over-the-top characters can get away with it at this point is because we’ve still got such a fascinating and complex villain as Wells on the scene. Even though we just saw him murder Cisco last week, it’s hard not to believe the man when he tells Cisco he loves him this week. Wells has built a real life for himself in the present, one that he cares a lot about. He’s more than willing to throw it all away for whatever future he’s trying to get back to, but that doesn’t mean he won’t regret what he does on some level.

And let’s not downplay Cisco’s part in this episode. Carlos Valdes continues to kill it each week, and his interplay with his brother here was as well-done as you might expect. He’s quickly become the Xander of The Flash’s Scooby Gang, serving as the real heart of the group. Unlike Xander, though, there’s the exciting prospect of him turning into a superhero down the line. Can’t think of a better genius scientist it could happen to.

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