Castle “At Close Range” Review (Season 7 Episode 18)


Detective Ryan finally managed to land himself in the spotlight in this latest episode of Castle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all positive as Ryan found himself in some trouble after moonlighting in security. Hired by his brother-in-law Frank (Ghost Whisperer star David Conrad), Ryan attends a political event where he is responsible for guarding Congressman Alex Lopez (Desperate Housewives Ricardo Antonio Chavira).

Ryan is pretty impressive when he stops a man from throwing what looks to be fake blood in a bottle at the Congressman. Minutes later shots are fired and Lopez and his partner are hit. Ryan chases after the assailant, but by the time he makes it to the exit he finds himself to be the accused in what ends up being a huge misunderstanding.

The team jumps right on the case as Lopez plays up the tragic events from the hospital. As usual, Castle has his theories while Kate has her own suspicions. After weeding through possible suspects, Ryan discovers that Frank was selling illegal passes to the event in order to make some extra money. They also discover a second cell phone in the purse of Lopez’s political partner. Were the two having an affair? It turns out they weren’t, but Lopez’s wife – a possible suspect – has been having a relationship on the side.

By the close of the show, the gang narrows it down to Lopez’s campaign manager, who snaps under pressure. We also discover that Beckett will be taking the captains exam after all. I think Castle is in need of a shake-up because things are getting mundane.

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