Bates Motel “Persuasion” Review (Season 3 Episode 3)

Bates Motel Persuasion Season 3 Episode 3 04

There was some speculation among Bates Motel fans that the body floating in the water at the end of last week’s episode was not Annika, but that seemed ridiculous to me. Who else would it have been? Well, apparently their suspicions were correct, as this week’s installment “Persuasion” began with the reveal that the dead girl in the water was not Annika. So we still didn’t know where Annika is, and we didn’t have confirmation that she’s actually dead, so we know that there must be some kind of interesting reveal as to what’s going on with Annika. If it was simply a matter of her being killed by Norman and dumped in a ditch, surely we must have seen that by now. We’ll get more on that later!

Anyway, this new dead girl is apparently tied into the creepy sex parties at The Arcanum Club, which explains how they’re going to keep this creepy club on the show for a while. It’s been very clever how gradually each season has opened up another shady organization within the idyllic town of White Pine Bay, but in the past it’s always been tied to the drug trade. It’s nice to have a shady organization that’s not attached to the drug world, for once. We’ve also always had a great guest star to act as a representative for these creepy organizations. Season one was Jere Burns’ creepy Jake Abernathy, and last season was Michael O’Neill’s menacing Nick Ford, so this season we get Mad Men‘s Kevin Rahm as the slimy Bob Paris. At this point Bob doesn’t come off quite as dangerous or intimidating as the previous season’s characters, but he’s definitely not scared of Sheriff Romero.

Although nobody seems to be scared of Romero anymore. It’s been really interesting seeing Romero’s fall from grace this season. He used to be hugely respected in this town and feared by the drug dealers, but now he can barely hold onto his title of sheriff! Some young buck came waltzing into his office tonight talking about how he’s running against him, and I love that Romero threw it right back in his face. I’m glad that he’s not showing any weakness amidst all of these troubles.

Romero did have a great scene with the Bates’, as he asked Norman a few questions with Norma hanging sulking in the background. Norman was so chill during this talk, and he’s really been able to slip into this calm, cool, and collected killer with no problem recently. He’s almost become too good too fast at all this stuff. With the exception of tonight’s outburst on Emma and Norma, Norman seems to be able to handle this stuff emotionally way better than I think he should. Also, what are we supposed to get from Norman’s expression when he saw that dead girl in the photo? Was he just excited about seeing another dead body? Or does he maybe know that girl?

There’s a couple other odd scenes going on that I’ll just lump together in this paragraph. As of right now, I still don’t really care about Dylan’s little pot farm with his dad. I’m getting sick of him not wanting his dad to help him and then giving in a little bit, and blah blah blah. This is boring. Move along. Also, Norma’s going to school? This professor just seems like another failed Norma romance for now. What happened to George from last season?!

Anyway, the big finish to the episode came with Annika’s big return! She came back with a gunshot wound and a flash drive! So now she’s really dead for real, and we have no idea what could be on that flash drive! Is it dirt on the creepy members of The Arcanum Club? What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” has to be the most popular “Crappily played on the guitar” song of all time. It made me chuckle hearing Caleb giving it a shot tonight, and failing miserably.

– If the creators of Bates Motel read this review by any chance, I am personally very much in favor of there being more scenes of Emma dressing up sexy. Thanks!

– The music choice during Emma’s little marijuana trip was inspired. I think the writers are really taking advantage of the rising star they have in Olivia Cooke.