The Walking Dead “Try” Review (Season 5 Episode 15)

walking dead season 5

Man, these Alexandrians really suck, don’t they?

Most of the previous adversaries on this show have had the same squeaky clean exterior and “come hither” vibe to entice Rick’s group in, but then underneath that exterior is a dangerous and intimidating villainous side. You think about The Governor, who eventually killed Andrea and Hershel and dozens of Woodburians. You think about Gareth and the Terminans, who were able to effectively corral all of Rick’s group into a shipping container and eventually even ate Bob’s leg. These guys were all scary dudes, and it made you believe that they might actually be able to stand up to Rick and his crew. Then there’s these piece of crap Alexandrians.

Seriously, just about every single one of these guys are sniveling little rats. We haven’t seen that much of Aidan’s sidekick Nicholas, but “Try” began tonight and it proved that he is also a spineless jerk when he completely lies to Deanna about what went down with Aidan’s death. So Nicholas is an A-hole, Pete’s an abusive drunk, Deanna is a megalomaniacal control freak, her husband is a doormat to her, etc. Everybody sucks. Even Jessie, who I guess we’re kinda sorta supposed to like, suffers an abusive jerk like Pete and lets him abuse her and her son. And look, I know your first blush reaction to that statement is that people don’t “let” their husband abuse them or their child. Domestic abuse is a big and complicated issue. But the problem is that people like Carol exist on this show who have evolved past being the kind of person that would ever allow somebody to abuse her. Jessie, like everybody else in this ridiculous “civilization”, is just another person with the shared delusion of all of the other Alexandrians. It’s like they’re all just agreeing to shut their eyes, cover their ears, and yell “LA LA LA LA LA” in hopes that they won’t have to deal with the reality of their situation. I don’t know if this feeling of frustration is what the Walking Dead writers are going for, but that’s sure what they’re getting.

So anyway, before I rant any further, I should probably get to the events of the episode itself. Overall, it felt like an episode that wanted to check in on all of the minor ongoing storylines so we can get them out of the way for next week’s season finale. We haven’t seen Sasha in a couple weeks, so we checked back in to see that she’s basically still in the same mindset from the last time we saw her. It feels like she’s just getting all of her frustrations out on the walkers roaming outside the Alexandrian walls, so hopefully she gets it out of her system soon.

We also caught back up with Enid, as we find out that she’s just climbing over the walls so she can…run around. That’s the big secret? All right, whatever. Normally I’d probably expect more, but this is a teenage girl just trying to be rebellious. I’ve come to learn not to expect too much logic out of moody teenage girls, so I bought it. That slow-mo run with Carl was kinda goofy, but it was a nice change of pace to see some happy, hormonal teenagers just enjoying some alone time in the woods.

The most interesting update came when we caught up with Daryl and Aaron as they’re out trying to recruit. We’ve had a few outstanding mysteries from the outside world, two of which have been the disembodied torsos in the back of a truck from a while back and the other was the Ws being carved on walker’s heads. We now have confirmation that the same person seems to be collecting torsos and carving Ws, so I’m glad we’ve consolidated two ongoing mysteries now. My guess is that the W is still an upside down M for Morgan, who we still haven’t seen, by the way. The fact that we know he’s still out there and we still haven’t caught up with him makes this a much stronger possibility to me.

The final scene came with the big showdown between Rick and Pete. I was starting to kinda understand Pete, and maybe even empathize with him as a character a bit. Apparently Deanna knew about his abusive behavior, and they just tried to deal with it since he was the town surgeon. Ok, that makes a little bit of sense, I guess. Then Jessie tells us that he was getting help for his behavior and he was getting better. Ok, so maybe I can understand why she was sticking around. But then that tool shows up in the middle of the day totally drunk. Have we ever seen this guy sober? He was drunk the night before when Rick told him to keep walking, he was drunk in the day last week, and he was drunk the night Rick met him. It’s hard to imagine that he’s a dependable surgeon if he’s drunk all the time. I was starting to appreciate him as a conflicted and somewhat layered character, but then they went and made him a cartoonishly evil and drunken jerk. So much for him, I guess.

It’s not like Rick came off any better, mind you. The guy may have a point about the aloof Alexandrians, but screaming and waving a gun around while your face is covered in blood is not going to convince many people that they should listen to you. You gotta learn to read the room, Rick!

This whole episode felt just like what it was: The episode before the season finale. To borrow a term from the ongoing March Madness, it feels like they’re throwing up an alley-oop pass in hopes that next week’s episode slams it home. Here’s hoping it does!

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Random Thoughts:

– This is the third episode in a row with blood splattering on the lens! It happened twice! This is apparently a thing on this show.

– The naked walker chained to the tree gave me strong Hannibal vibes. Man, I miss that show. Can’t wait ’til June!

– I was a little confused why Aaron and Daryl saw a burning fire at night, but then didn’t seem to go in to investigate until the morning. Wouldn’t they have expected the guy to be gone if they waited until light? Couldn’t they have sneaked up easier in the dark? Weird…