The Good Wife “Red Meat” Review (Season 6 Episode 16″

The Good Wife Red Meat Season 6 Episode 16 05

The Good Wife returned tonight with “Red Meat”, as Alicia’s campaign storyline finally came to an end! This storyline has been a long road filled with highs and lows, but I think people would say it’s been mostly lows. I’ve been wanting voting day to come for a while now, so now I’m just excited to see what happens next.

It was handled pretty well. All of the concerns at first that Peter might have undercut Alicia’s votes just seemed like the standard “problem of the week” that we’ve been getting for the last few episodes, but after a while I thought it might have been for real. I thought that Alicia might lose after all, since it would be the easiest way for the show to return to business as usual. Prady becomes State’s Attorney, which sends Alicia right back to the law firm to get back to working cases. It made sense to me, so I was assuming that’s what we would get. Instead, Alicia won and she’ll have to leave Florrick, Agos & Lockhart! I’m excited to see how this affects the folks at her law firm, and the scenes from next week make it look like it will be pretty crazy. I’m glad this campaign is finally over, and that we’ll get fresh material pretty soon. It seems like we were saying goodbye for good to Johnny Elfman, so I’d be interested to see if he stays off the show for a while. Alicia is juggling a few too many men as it is, so maybe he can go off to California for a while and come back when the storyline suits him.

We got a bit more tonight from Lemond and Kalinda, as we find out that this mysterious SUV that’s been following her for weeks is actually following Kalinda and not Dylan. The look on Kalinda’s face when she heard that Geneva Pine is investigating her was great, and it was definitely the kick in the pants that this boring storyline needs. It’s weird that Lemond is so confused as to why Alicia would be shirking his calls. Alicia’s not supposed to have known that Lemond was contributing to her PAC, and she was pretty clear that she doesn’t want him to control her or anything. The fact that he’s so concerned that she’s not jumping at the chance to be controlled by a retired drug king is very strange. What does he expect her to say? I’m sure she also won’t be happy about Kalinda being her new go-between, but maybe it will finally lead to the Kalinda/Alicia reunion we’ve been waiting for!

The last storyline of the episode was a very funny one. It was a lot of fun seeing Diane in Wyoming, as it’s always funny seeing the huge difference between her and Kurt. It was a little weird how badly she handled Gil, at first. Even if Georgette actually had been his wife, the way Diane exaggerated her laughter and beat him over the head about needing a lawyer was way too on-the-nose for her. It wasn’t exactly a big shock that Oliver Platt’s RD ended up being super rich – Kurt did say that the hunting trip was filled with the richest in the country, after all – but it was fun seeing him verbally spar with Diane. I’m hoping to see more of Platt on this show, as this guy is never not great.

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Random Thoughts:

– As an avid gamer, it always bothers me when they shoehorn in video games into a TV show and nobody knows what they’re talking about. Tonight’s victim was Halo: Master Chief Collection, and everybody looked ridiculous trying to play it. They were just mashing buttons and barely any of them even had their thumbs on the sticks!

– I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Georgette saying she loved Chicago and then smash cutting to the cold and sludgy streets of Chicago was pretty funny.

– Man, they are really kicking Cary to the curb now, aren’t they? He had like two lines sitting at a desk tonight. Hope he gets more starting next week!