Helix “Mother” Review (Season 2 Episode 10)

Helix - Season 2

This week, Helix took one step forward and two steps back. There were some fun moments with Amy and Julia, and one of the most ridiculous scenes that dropped Helix down a notch in my estimation. At the present rate, I have concerns about what a season 3 could look like—or if there will be one.

The search is on for “mother.” I don’t know why everyone goes along with calling a stick by this stupid name. Julia and Sergio want it. Anne wants it. Amy can’t find it. Who’s taken it? Quasimodo, aka Landry. Julia makes a deal with Amy that if she finds the stick, Julia will make her immortal. Of course, she doesn’t initially have any intention of upholding her end of the bargain. As Sergio observes, “The last thing the world needs is a forever Amy.” True that. Is there any many that she won’t grope?

We learn that Amy’s inherited her creepiness from her placidly psychotic mother. Anne spends her time ushering Peter around the abbey, grooming him to be the next Michael. She tells him that Landry most likely knows where the stick is and that Landry is her son. That means that Amy has been jerking off her brother. Dis-gus-ting. I think we’ve gone far enough on the incest theme this season. It’s a bit much between Michael’s progeny and Amy’s brotherly love.

Julia doesn’t have time for Amy’s nonsense and wants the stick so she can stop Ilaria’s genocidal plans. I liked the scenes with Amy and Julia. Neither woman would back down, and I think it’s the first time Amy’s met someone who is more dangerous than her. I am hoping that Amy underestimates Julia and gets her ass made into a hat.

Out in the forest, Kyle isn’t looking too good. The sickness progresses and he starts having visions of Soren telling him that he is “shit.” It’s weird and all part of his hallucinations. Kyle should just be thankful that he doesn’t look as bad as Landry. I’m sure the kid playing Soren had a great time saying “shit” over and over again. After puttering around the forest, they find the bleeding tree. The most interesting part of this adventure happens when the Coast Guard calls for a pick up. Everyone on the boat is sick and someone starts saying, “We all sound the same under water.” I’m guessing this cryptic phrase is something that will be picked up next season (if there is one).

Peter has a bit of a rough time when he and Julia have it out. She’s pissed that he betrayed her to Ilaria. She views him as a traitor. He claims that he loved her, but she’s not having it. Feeling sorry for himself, he goes along with Anne and participates in her “state your truth” jibber jabber. And here we arrive at what has to be Helix’s lowest moment. After showing Peter the barrel of teeth, she takes him into a large room where there are women tied to tables birthing Michael’s offspring. Let’s break this down.

So, the women had their teeth removed so that they wouldn’t bite down on the feeding tubes shoved into their throats. Scenes of forced reproduction are nothing new in the science fiction genre. Most of the time, however, the solution is that the women are unconscious. That certainly makes it easier to manage them. Instead, the solution here is to tie them and remove their teeth? This just makes no sense. Next, we learn that the women are tied up because they refused to have sex with Michael and bear his children in a more traditional manner. Sure, sure. That makes sense. What woman would want to agree to that when the alternative is having your teeth torn out, being strapped to a table and raped? The idea that a room with that many women would’ve signed up for that is absurd. Also, let’s not forget, Michael has raped all these women. That is the assumption, right? This isn’t some sophisticated lab with embryonic implantation. It’s a dirty dungeon. This was all just a bit too much and unnecessary. It gets even worse when Peter sees all this horror and quickly shakes off his repulsion. After he slits the first woman’s wrists, he looks delighted with himself. Really? Is this the new Peter?

The most interesting twist in the episode was Julia saying that she’s going to put Sarah’s baby in Amy’s uterus for cooking. That’s probably the only way that the baby will be able to grow, but Sarah isn’t going to forgive Julia for this one. There was also the surprising death(?) of Sergio. I can’t imagine he’s actually dead. What would be the point of bringing the character back for such a brief role and swift dispatch?

I think in an effort to be shocking, Helix is making some serious mistakes. It’s starting to feel like watching Hostel. Compared with 12 Monkeys, Helix is not holding up its end of Friday night.