Good Witch “All in the Family” Review (Season 1, Episode 4)

Good Witch All In The Family Episode 4 21

Getting a visit from a family member is supposed to be a good occasion. But when you are Cassie Nightingale in the quaint little town of Middleton on the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch, a visit from her cousin Abigail [who was first seen in the 2011 The Good Witch’s Family made-for-TV movie] could pose to be a problem for more than just herself. In fact, from the very minute Abigail arrived in town, she started to have an effect on the townspeople especially those closest to Cassie.

First up is Dr. Sam Radford, who ran into Abigail as she arrived in town, mistaking her, at first, for Cassie. Then when Sam escorted Abigail to Grey House, Cassie and Lori were surprised by the unexpected visit; especially Lori who has a “history” with her step-mother’s cousin; and then there is Grace, who doesn’t remember Abigail, as she met her when she was a little girl. Lastly, there is Bistro Café owner Stephanie, who has her heart set on Sam but Abigail is getting in the way of that pursuit.

Where Sam is concerned, Abigail has inserted herself into his family clinic taking on the job of receptionist, even though she is supposed to be on “vacation” from her advertising job in New York. Abigail has done such a great job organizing Sam’s office that he is impressed and perhaps a little enamored (thanks, in part, to some potent perfume that Cassie gave to Stephane in an attempt to win Sam’s heart that was in turn used by Abigail). When Abigail faked an ankle injury that made Sam late for his first dinner date with Stephanie, it was clear that this woman is back to her old ways.

Of course, Cassie and Lori know Abigail all too well and have warned young Grace to be wary of her intentions; but the 15-year-old – inspired by her cousin’s fashion sense – seems to be under a spell, not only lying to her mother about studying at the Bistro Café with her school friend Anthony but also going off to some kind of club where she is supposed to meet Abigail. Of course, with the rouse of her injury Abigail didn’t show up to meet Grace; and the teen ended up running into Nick Radford, Sam’s son, who is still angry at her for what he thinks she shared with Anthony at the Harvest Festival Ball.

Meanwhile, Sam did the right thing by letting Stephanie know he would be late for their dinner date because of a “medical emergency”. Needless to say, Stephanie wrote him an angry note on a napkin, which was given to Sam after Stephanie left, but while Cassie and Ryan were out to dinner as “merely friends” (more on that whole situation shortly).

Being the good big sister that she is Lori offered to pick Grace up at the Bistro Café only to learn from Anthony that she wasn’t there, going off somewhere: to be honest he had no idea where she was because Grace didn’t share those details.

Elsewhere in the story, Ryan has landed the listing of the town’s legendary Keating House, which the owner wants sold as quickly as possible for as much money as possible. Ryan found a developer who is interested in tearing the house down to build luxury apartments, provide jobs in the community and, in turn, increase the economy of Middleton; not to mention putting the town on the map, which makes Mayor Martha Tinsdale very happy (as long as the rezoning of that plot can be cleared by the town council, of course).

As for Cassie and Ryan, he is still on edge because of that kiss they shared at the Harvest Festival Ball to get his former fiancé off his back. He really thinks that he and Cassie should give a relationship beyond friendship a try; but Cassie is definitely not ready for that. In fact, she tells Ryan, “I don’t want to lose the one thing that got me through the toughest time in my life”.

I have to say that I hope Lori and Cassie can convince Grace that Abigail doesn’t always mean well, but I have a feeling that whatever happens to her in next week’s episode may give that young girl a pretty serious wake-up call. As for Stephanie, I have a feeling that she will find a way to get even with the scheming Abigail.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think that Ryan and Cassie should start a relationship? Do you think that Ryan will follow through with the developer’s plan to tear down the Keating House? How much trouble is Grace going to get into with this latest escapade? Will Sam see through Abigail’s façade and continue with his budding relationship with Stephanie? Please share what you think in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the debut season of ‘Good Witch on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, March 28 at 8/7c.

Catherine Bell as CassieBailee Madison as Grace
James Denton as Sam

Guest Stars:
Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Lori
Anthony Lemke as Ryan
Rhys Matthew Bond as Nick
Shane Harte as Anthony
Kylee Evans as Stephanie
Sarah Power as Abigail
Catherine Disher as Martha