Grey’s Anatomy “Don’t Dream It’s Over” Review (Season 11 Episode 16)

Last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy closed with Meredith having a very awkward and abrupt exchange with a woman who answered Derek’s phone.

This week’s episode, unfortunately, did not shed any light on the mystery woman. With Derek’s arrival at the end of the episode, it looks like we’ll finally get some answers. Unable to reach Derek on the phone, Meredith spent most of the episode speculating and agonizing – when she was not helping patients. Let’s go to the “Moody Meredith” highlight reel:

– Kudos to Moody Mer for getting Stephanie to shut the hell up about that stupid streak. Indeed, the streak is an impressive feat, but Stephanie and Jo have been downright unprofessional in their jockeying to work with Meredith in front of the other doctors. With so many characters on Grey’s Anatomy, I would be perfectly fine if Stephanie and Jo were relegated to the background with no lines. The actresses are perfectly fine, but the writers have not been very successful in integrating the characters and making me feel invested in them as a viewer.

– I also appreciated Moody Mer for putting the kibosh on Callie’s nonstop babbling about Arizona catching her kissing her date. Although it was not the most sensitive thing to say, Meredith raised an excellent point about Arizona doing whatever she wanted to do and not having any consideration for her wife. I still have not quite forgiven Arizona for the wedding ring snafu with the doctor she cheated on Callie with and then mistakenly mixed up each others’ scrubs after a workday romp. So messy. So sloppy.

– Moody Mer was on a roll until she started asking Callie inappropriate questions about Arizona and George. I had completely forgotten that Callie had to deal with marital infidelity with both George and Arizona. It’s amazing that she remains so positive and open to love – even by fictional television character standards.

The main patient of the week was an interesting case in which a man who was believed to have Alzheimer’s crashed his car into a house, injuring a pregnant woman and her husband. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to save the life of the pregnant woman, but managed to save the unborn baby. Typically, I do not spend much time on the patients of the week in my reviews, but this case was clearly constructed to create some significant character moments. In particular, it provided an opportunity to explore the implications of Ellis’s Alzheimer’s struggle with Maggie, who was revealed to have a genetic disposition to the ailment. Although the tone was somber, it was nice to see Maggie and Richard growing closer. I also liked the scene in which he chastised Maggie, in a fatherly way, for not taking care of herself after she was knocked out by Martin, the driver responsible for the fatal car crash.

Thoughts From The Grey Sloan Memorial Surgical Observation Deck

– When Callie told Arizona that she was moving on, I suspected that she was reading her ex-wife’s reaction wrong. Arizona was not startled by the sight of her ex kissing another woman, she was surprised to see Callie kissing a woman that she’d already gone on a date with and who she happened to find a little on the crazy side.

– I did not quite understand Jo’s reaction to the pregnant woman who died. How long have she and Stephanie been at Grey Sloan? I thought it had been long enough for Jo to have experienced losing patients and be a bit more well-adjusted to the very sad downside to practicing medicine.

– It was interesting to learn that two months have passed since Jackson and April lost Sam. The exploration of their grief and adjustment continues to be well paced.

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