Survivor “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner; We’re Finally Playing Some Survivor” Review (Season 30 Episode 4 & 5)

Survivor Worlds Apart Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Were Finally Playing Some Survivor Season 30 Episode 4-5 02

Survivor returned tonight with a double dose of Survivory goodness with the double feature of “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” and “We’re Finally Playing Some Survivor.” It was a little odd to have a double episode so early in the season, but I’m not really complaining.

The first episode “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” opened with the standard blue view scene as we see the No Collars return from eliminating Nina. It always cracks me up when people try to make the “voted for, but not eliminated” contestant feel better by saying “Don’t worry, Will. We were just voting for you in case Nina had an idol.” Um…how is that supposed to make Will feel better? So you all decided that he would be the sacrificial lamb if Nina happened to pull out an idol? He’s supposed to feel fine with that?

Hopefully Will felt a little bit better after his team won their first reward challenge, but it did not come easy. That challenge was already really brutal before somebody suffered a gruesome head injury. Shirin kept ramming her groin into the poles, and a few people were almost hit by that ominous wooden platform. Man, they really kept foreshadowing that, didn’t they? Jeff said like four times that people need to be careful with that platform, so I just knew something bad was going to go down. Of course, Kelly got clocked right in the head, but I was shocked that they kept playing after an injury that gross. I know that it was only a flesh wound and all, but she covered her buff in blood. Couldn’t they at least have given her a new bluff so she didn’t have to continue the rest of the challenge in that ghastly rag? Also, it was pretty lame for Jeff to be blaming the players on keeping that janky platform in check. They’re blindfolded, dude! What do you want them to do?!

I was wondering if any of those No Collar free spirits would be freaked out by having to kill a chicken, and of course Jen had a problem. I was glad that she didn’t put up too much of a fuss, and seemed to readily give up the chicken to Joe when the time came. She also decided to do something productive instead of sit around and guilt trip everybody, so she went out and found herself an idol! Overall I was really impressed with Jen here. She took a situation she didn’t like, so instead of making a stink at camp and getting on everybody’s nerves, she turned a negative into a positive. You couldn’t help but smile for her when she quipped the ironic episode title “Winner winner, chicken dinner!”

The feuding at the Blue Collar tribe continued big time tonight, and it continued to illustrate how different these people are. These collar separations have been lame from the beginning, and you can see that in how nobody seems to be similar in any way to any of the other tribe members. The main feud tonight had to do with Rodney being a bit misogynist in his discussions with Lindsey and Sierra. I personally don’t really get why Lindsey was getting so upset. Maybe they edited out the more sexist or cruel statements, but he really just seemed to be saying that he prefers women that hold themselves to a higher standard. Even if Lindsey is taking it personal, or even if he really was being a jerk, I agreed with Kelly that you need to bite your tongue a bit in this game. Unfortunately, Lindsey wasn’t able to do that, and that forced her to the outside of the Blue Collar’s four person alliance. It’s too bad she’s gone, but she assures us that she wouldn’t have changed anything if she got another chance. That’s my biggest pet peeve in this game. You were eliminated fourth, but you say you wouldn’t do anything different? Good call, genius…

It’s a little strange going from the elimination straight to the “blue view” post-tribal scene at the beginning of “We’re Finally Playing Some Survivor”. Not even a commercial break or anything! I like a little cool down after the brutal tribal council and elimination, but we didn’t get one. We went straight to an equally brutal scene where Dan started to list all of the reasons they don’t want Sierra in their alliance. That’s just mean, dude. Just tell her that you formed an alliance and she wasn’t in it. That’s all. Just the truth. You don’t need to pile onto the girl that just lost her only friend in the game. No wonder she hates her tribe!

Well, good news Sierra! You don’t need to worry about it anymore because the tribes are merging into two new tribes, and you’re going to be the swing vote on your new tribe! Bonus: You’re going to be the swing vote against four members of your old tribe! This was truly the most delicious piece of Survivor karma that I’ve ever seen. I loved that Dan had to go and try to apologize to Sierra, but offered what was definitely the worst apology that either I or Sierra had ever heard. It also didn’t make sense. He said he was retaliating at Sierra for what she said about him, but what did she say? We didn’t hear any of it…

The new Escameca tribe is definitely a powerhouse as they dominated Nagarote in both challenges. This sends the goofy Nagarotes to their first tribal, which is really just a tribe full of people poised to be eliminated. Will has been on borrowed time since episode two, and Max and Shirin are super annoying. Max is definitely right that it’s a team of misfits. You knew that one of them was going to go home, so it was just a question about who it was. It was darkly funny that both of these players started to confess their undying love for Survivor mere minutes before one of them gets eliminated. I would have felt a little guilty writing their names down. Well, I would have felt a little guilty, but then Max pulled that super obnoxious “Hold up, bro” move on Jeff. Even Jeff looked really annoyed! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Maxy!

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Random Thoughts:

– In the great menagerie of animals that have appeared on transition scenes on Survivor episodes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anteater before tonight!

– I was hoping that the two immunity idols would combine into a Voltron-like Super Idol, but they just put one on top of the other. Lame. Then they only give the winning tribe the top idol.

– Shirin is pretty annoying and all, but that was some pretty impressive whistling…