Justified “Burned” Review (Season 6 Episode 9)

Justified Burned Season 6 Episode 9 06

It felt like this week’s Justified was over in the blink of an eye. It’s not a good time to be a criminal in Harlan County. Not only do they have to worry about Raylan, they have to deal with suspicion and infighting. At the point, it feels like anyone’s game as to who will be standing at the end of the series. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching Boyd, I hope he’s not one of them.

We start with a surprising twist in the Markham/Hale relationship. The two have been focused on each other as the possible rat, and it turns out to be…Wynn Duffy! I did not see that coming. Now that Ava’s cover is blown, the Marshals decide to make Duffy their new confidential informant in their RICO case against Boyd. Inexplicably, Duffy brings his minion Mikey in on the plan. Doesn’t he know this guy is a complete idiot?

To further emphasize that Hale is just as dangerous as the men, we see her in a dust up back at her hotel. Seabass reappears and wants more money from Markham. It’s weird he demands Hale’s engagement ring. Hale offers him the diamond tennis bracelet instead. When she reaches into her purse, she pulls the trigger and kills Seabass. This I did see coming. There is no way Hale was going to be shaken down and of course she keeps a gun in her purse. What is most disturbing, and also seems to get to Markham, is the calm, collected way that she commits murder and calls to have it cleaned up.

Duffy’s first assignment is to tell Boyd that Markham’s moving the money. This leads to one of the funniest scenes of the episode. Gutterson and Raylan meet up with Duffy out on a dirt road to get the scoop on what Boyd’s up to. I love when Gutterson sees the Winnebago coming and says, “Here comes the douche mobile.” It’s hilarious when Duffy mocks them for wanting him to pump Boyd for more information.

Meanwhile, little Loretta is feeling the heat after refusing to deal with Markham. Come on Loretta. I know it’s Kentucky, but you should still close and lock your door when you come home. One of Markham’s super creepy henchmen, Boon, appears and shakes her up pretty good by waving his gun around. I was hoping that she’d grab a knife and stab the bastard. If he comes back to her house, I hope there’s a nice, cold drink waiting for him…. Loretta doesn’t go to Raylan for help with her problem and instead goes to Boyd. She wants to make a deal for her future marijuana operations. It’s understandable since she was scared, but she should know that only a fool believes Boyd’s promises.

Markham hosts a large party and many Harlan residents attend, including Raylan, Boyd, Ava, and Loretta. The gang is all assembled in one place. It’s pretty ballsy of Loretta to show up, and even more ballsy for her to openly challenge Markham. He did not look happy to have been upstaged by a teenager. There’s no doubt this girl would be a ridiculously good drug lord.

Boyd makes his move during the party to blast his way into the vault. It’s interesting that Boyd thinks about Raylan before the heist and not Markham. This is still personal between the two of them. But Zachariah has other plans and tries to kill Boyd. There’s no way Boyd could go out like that. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Boyd as afraid for his life.

Raylan knows that Boyd is still going to go after the money. There are big things on the horizon…