Jane The Virgin “Chapter Sixteen” Review (Season 1 Episode 16)

Jane The Virgin Chapter Sixteen 12

In this episode of Jane the Virgin, called “Chapter Sixteen,” Jane and Rafael can’t quite get past the awkwardness of the proposal, while Alba and Xo have a big fight of their own.

Rafael and Jane, Farther Apart

I’m starting to think that Jane and Rafael’s relationship is going to take a lot longer to fix than I originally thought. Jane was right when she told him that he could no longer lay all the blame at her feet for what happened when he proposed. It was simply too soon and if he had thought about it or talked to anyone who knew her, he would have figured that out. I know his heart was in the right place and he just wanted to snap his fingers and get the family he always dreamed of, but he needs to understand that Jane needs more time. Your sister can’t just accidentally knock a girl up and expect that you’ll be able to marry that girl pronto.

Michael and Rogelio, Buddy Cops

Michael and Rogelio playing in their own version of a buddy cop movie were some of my favorite moments in this episode. Who knew that Michael could do impressions? Jane can say what she wants, but I thought they were hilarious. I had no idea he could be that funny and I loved that Rogelio thought they were funny, too. That was a relationship that could have been so very awkward after Jane dumped Michael. I mean what would her recently-discovered dad and her used-to-be-fiancé possibly have to talk about? I’m so glad that they found a way to get to know each other and no it’s not just because maybe, just maybe, I’m still (not so) secretly rooting for Michael and Jane to get back together. I just think Michael and Rogelio make a great comedy team and I’m hoping to see more interaction from them.

Mother and Daughter Divided

With her relationship with Michael getting more and more strained, the last thing Jane needed in her life was more drama. But unfortunately that’s exactly when she got when Xiomara announced she was moving out and Alba didn’t take it so well. I’m having a hard time taking sides as I can see why they are both upset. Xiomara just wants to move out and be with the man that she loves. Alba just wants to protect her daughter’s heart and wishes she would take a little more time. They each have their reasons to be angry, but I felt awful that it was Jane who ended up stuck in the middle. Now that Xo has made her choice, I want her to be happy so I just hope Alba can ease up on her just a little bit.

The Sweetest Dream

After all the drama in her real life, who can blame Jane for letting her imagination run wild during the concert? This show has had a lot of great fantasy moments, but that one has easily become my favorite so far. There was a certain amount of sadness watching it, knowing that none of it was true. Yet it was nice to see, even if just for a moment, everyone in Jane’s life getting along. All Jane wants is for all of her friends and family to love each other, but sometimes that can only happen in a fantasy. Still, it was a great dance number, the music was fantastic and it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

What did you think of this episode of Jane the Virgin? Which was your favorite part?

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