The Flash “Out of Time” Review (Season 1 Episode 15)

The Flash returned from its hiatus with a strong outing that focused back in on our main characters and introduced yet another Rogue to Barry’s growing gallery. After several episodes of the Firestorm show, it was refreshing to kick off the last leg of the season with “Out of Time,” a straightforward revenge tale centered on our favorite cop Joe. Throw in Harrison’s secret finally coming out and one heck of an ending, and it was hard not to love this episode.

First and foremost this week was Joe, who faced the ghost of his first case alongside The Flash in the form of Clyde Mardon’s brother Mark. The true Weather Wizard from the comics, Mark proved to be a far more formidable foe than his brother, showing a greater mastery over the elemental forces at his command. From his overpowered wind blasts to his ability to channel electricity as a human lightning rod, he was a truly deadly threat, as Singh found out when he took a hit meant for Joe.

Speaking of Singh, it was a small thing, but I love that this show has brought his homosexuality over from the comics without making a thing of it. When we meet his fiancée, it’s just as a grieving partner, and it’s treated entirely normal, without any real comment. It’s great to see their relationship played as exactly what it is, a normal, loving relationship.

Getting back to the intrigue and action, Cisco was back to suspecting Wells this week, with Iris giving the team yet another indication that the good doctor might not be as trustworthy as he’d led them to believe. And yep, Wells realized that Cisco was too close to discovering the truth and revealed himself as time traveler Eobard Thawne, a descendant of Eddie’s desperate to return to his own time. Desperate enough to kill Cisco in an effort to keep his secret hidden.

Let me first give huge credit to Carlos Valdes, who did fantastic work selling Cisco’s sense of confusion and betrayal. Nothing can take away what the actor brought to the scene. However, it was around this point that it started to become obvious that Barry was about to travel through time. Things were happening too fast, with Barry nowhere near the epicenter of such a big moment. And then he was kissing Iris and revealing his identity to her. Given the spectral vision of himself he saw early in the episode, there was just too many clues to what was about to go down for Cisco’s death to hit all that hard.

That said, time travel! It’s been a long time coming and hinted at numerous times, but to see Barry finally break the barrier of the fourth dimension is exciting, and it sets up for an exciting follow-up next week, as The Flash deals with being a man slightly out of time. It’s a small step that hints at the possibility of an even bigger jump by the end of the season.

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