Eye Candy “A4U” Review (Season 1, Episode 10 – FINALE)

Eye Candy

Let the showdown begin!

It was made quite obvious not only in the ending of last week’s episode of Eye Candy but also in the opening of last night’s season finale that Jake Bolin is the Flirtual Killer. But just how deeply troubled this man really is became clear as the episode rolled out.

First, Lindy gets a text (supposedly) from Sophia saying that Tessa is MIA; when in actuality she was killed right in Lindy and Sophia’s apartment by Jake. Lindy figures out something is seriously wrong when she uses the GPS on Tessa’s phone only to realize that it is actually inside the duffel bag that Jake has on the boat with them. The boat he is using to steer them to Hart Island; the very place where Lindy believes her sister is buried based on the conversation she had with the niece of Sgt. Shaw, who was abducted presumably at the same time as Sara.

While trying to determine if Jake is really the “bad guy”, Lindy plays along with him, searching for Sara’s supposed grave. Once they do find the location, it appears that someone has already been there as it has already been dug up and recovered with dirt. There is no surprise when I say that Jake had already been there, removed the body – which turned out to NOT be Lindy’s sister – leaving behind a tablet that he claims holds all the details he could find on Sara’s abduction.

Despite Lindy’s best efforts to get the better of Jake, he chokes her until she passes out while saying that it’s time to “take her back to the beginning”. That beginning is a deeply disturbed childhood, being the son of a prisoner on Hart Island who fell in love with a drug-addled patient at the rehab facility also located on Hart Island. The kid was already starting off with two strikes against him and it only seemed to get worse.

Tommy and Connor were already on to Jake based on what they found out from Hamish, Connor’s boss at the online news website. Once they find Tessa’s dead body sitting inside Lindy’s bedroom posed in front of Lindy’s computer, Lindy’s best friend George is enlisted to use all of his hacking abilities to track down where Lindy actually is, as they can’t find her. To make matters worse, it is apparent – based on the damage done at the apartment – that Jake has also kidnapped Sophia.

Yes, this is just going from bad to worse to really, really horrible!

Once Lindy finds her way out of the locked room that Jake left her in inside the run-down old rehab facility – once she wakes up from his chokehold, of course – she learns the sordid truth about Jake’s parents and the fact that he has taken Sophia, trapping her inside a black van like the one that took Lindy’s sister Sara. In Jake’s warped mind, he is allowing Lindy to rescue her sister; and the way that Lindy tried to save Sara and failed is mostly what happens as she tries to rescue Sophia. For Sophia’s sake, Lindy succeeds this time; and then they try to escape on the boat that Jake rented to get them to Hart Island. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there. This made it necessary for them to try to find another way off the island. That other way off involved going down into the bowels of the old rehab facility to where Jake’s computer is located.

This computer gave Lindy answers on Jake’s childhood – he actually killed his mother that made his father take his life because he actually thought it was his fault – and that Jake had been following her for a very LONG time. Just as Lindy attempted to download all the details on the computer, Jake – of course – showed up, grabbing Sophia from behind and stabbing her. Jake then told Lindy that he knows Connor and Tommy are on the island – they had followed the GPS on Tessa’s phone – with George’s and Detective Yeager’s help. He warned Lindy that she had to leave with him or else he would have no choice but to kill her friends.

Lindy convinces Tommy to save Sophia in order to save his and Connor’s lives and she goes off with Jake. That didn’t seem to be the best idea, but Lindy didn’t really have another choice. Surprisingly 12 hours later, Tommy and the CCU team are still trying to track Jake and Lindy down until George contacts him. Long story short, Lindy is able to get the better of Jake – with a huge assist from George, sending out a text to everyone’s cell phone in the train station, pointing out Jake as the Flirtual Killer, allowing the cops to capture him once and for all.

With the tablet from Jake in hand, Lindy plans on finding her sister; she shares a short online chat with Tommy, telling him goodbye and then boards a train – seemingly to her hometown, which was where Jake claimed he tracked Sara. As Lindy played back the video on the tablet, she sees Sara getting out of the black van that she was forced into on the night of her abduction. Then the video reveals that Sara met up with the boyfriend who Lindy didn’t approve of, saying that “now they’ll be safe and Lindy will be save”. What is up with all that?!

What did you think of the resolution of the Flirtual Killer? Were you prepared to learn just how twisted a person Jake was? Do you think that he will find a way to get out of police custody? Do you think that Tommy will stop looking for Lindy? Do you think that Lindy will come back to New York once she either finds her sister Sara or learns what become of her? Please share your comments below.

There is no word yet on whether ‘Eye Candy’ has been given a second season order by MTV. If not, the main storylines have been resolved, but enough mystery surrounding Lindy’s sister Sara’s disappearance could be used to launch a second season. Time will tell!

Victoria Justice as Lindy
Casey Deidrick as Tommy
John Garet Stoker as Connor
Kiersey Clemons as Sophia
Harvey Guillen as George

Guest Stars:
Marcus Callender as Detective Yeager
Ryan Cooper as Jake Bolin
Theodora Woolley as Tessa
Jordyn DiNatale as Sara