‘Castle’ (Season 7): Can Kate Beckett Have It All?


Most modern-day women strive to have it all: a healthy relationship, a great job they love – in some cases the children they’ve always wanted or dreamed of having – and, for very, very fortunate woman – great hair every day.

Where Detective Kate Beckett (series lead), on the long-running ABC drama Castle, is concerned, she has nearly all of these things. She is married to world-famous mystery novelist Richard Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion), she has a great job as a New York City homicide detective – a job that she is not only dedicated to but also loves – and she has an amazing head of hair that most women envy. As for the children, we shall see if that will ever be in the cards for her and Rick.

But when Inspector Zhang (guest star Linda Park) pays a visit to New York City – and after learning that a former academy buddy of hers has been named as Captain of a local precinct, Kate really starts to feel insecure. In fact, she tells hubby Rick that she’s “falling behind” and she doesn’t really want to hear him when he says that she is doing anything but.

Furthermore, Rick tells her that he thinks she is suffering from what he calls the “Patterson Syndrome”. This is the syndrome that Rick finds himself in each time he writes a book because author James Patterson goes out and writes six more books. That constant competition is infuriating to Castle; and he is sure that Kate is suffering from the same thing. And she sure is especially when Kate states, “she’s just like me, only better”.

In Kate’s eyes that may be the case, but all is not as it seems for Inspector Zhang. Sure she has the action movie husband and beautiful children; she has an amazing job running a US-Chinese task force, gunning for Chinese gangs in San Francisco – not to mention the work she does at The Hague, working on a war crimes tribunal – and she’s also gorgeous with great hair. Who wouldn’t be envious of all that. But Kate quickly learns that you can’t judge a book by its cover (yes, I had to go there, sorry!) and you can’t believe everything as it appears in pictures.

Zhang admits that she and her husband are separated and she isn’t the mother she wants to be. All that glitters is not gold and just because on paper it looks like Zhang has it all, she really doesn’t. She’s only got part of what most modern-day woman want and Kate, well, she’s actually got a pretty terrific life.

She has a loving husband, she’s got a great life and job (and damn her hair still looks incredible) and she’s solved yet another case, making her the best damn homicide detective in New York City. Don’t too shabby, Kate Beckett, not too shabby at all.

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The next new episode of the 7th season of ‘Castle’ will air on Monday, March 23 on ABC at 10/9c.