The Walking Dead “Spend” Review (Season 5 Episode 14)

The Walking Dead Spend Season 5 Episode 14 03

The Walking Dead returned tonight with “Spend”, as we bookend the episode with the polarizing character of Father Gabriel. Apparently he either had a spare collar in his pocket, or Alexandria had one, because he had a fresh one in his shirt and seemed to be ready to get the church all set up. Unfortunately, he’s still all messed up emotionally and starts ripping up the Bible, which is never a good sign for the long-term well being of a character. This guy has been very hit or miss for me, and I’d definitely say it’s been more miss recently. After tonight, he’s a 100% miss. I just don’t know what he hopes to achieve by telling Deanna that Rick is Satan. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to believe him right away, but I’m sure more stuff is going to go down pretty soon that will make her think Rick is a bad dude. I just don’t get where Gabriel gets off saying this stuff. First of all, he knows how dangerous Rick is, so imagine what he might do when he hears Gabriel said this. Second, he’s saying that Rick’s group has done such terrible things, when he himself killed the people in his congregation! Hey, Gabriel, what does the Bible say about hypocrites again?

The main storyline of the episode had to do with Glenn going on a mission to a nearby warehouse with Aidan to get some doohickey for Eugene. I’m not sure why Glenn was so willing to work with Aidan again after what happened on their last outing, let alone bring along a bunch of his group to help out. It appears that they’ve patched up their relationship a bit, since Aidan was listening to him a lot more, but I wish we saw them do that since it was a huge leap from where we last saw them.

Eugene really hasn’t had much to do since his big secret was revealed and he was basically dragged around for the past few episodes, so I kind of love that he’s taking full credit for bringing the group to Alexandria. It may not be the DC he imagined, and it may not have been for the mission that he originally lied about, but he’s patting himself on the back for giving them the idea of going somewhere. This cracked me up. You’d think the guy would have just reverted to being a full blown coward after admitting that he wasn’t a doctor, but he definitely hasn’t stopped having his delusions of grandeur! I also loved seeing him pull up in that van with Aidan’s terrible techno music blaring.

Oh and speaking of Aidan, we had a couple of absolutely brutal deaths tonight. I thought that Aidan’s looooong and gruesome dismemberment was probably the most brutal character death we’ve seen on this show, but it only held onto the crown for a couple minutes. Seeing Noah getting his face torn apart was the grossest thing I’ve seen in a while, and it went on for so long! It was almost unbearable! I was yelling “Aww, come on!” out loud into the empty room. I’m a bit sad to see Tyler James Williams leaving the show, but the guy’s already been cast in the Criminal Minds spin-off show so you knew he’d be getting killed off somehow. I just didn’t think it’d be that gross!

I didn’t really buy this annoying Sam kid sneaking back into Carol’s house to ask for more cookies at first. If a kid that age gets a death threat from a scary older lady, they’re not going to go near them. If that happened to me at that age, I’d run and hide whenever I saw her. I was glad (in a weird way) that his story ended up actually tying into the “mystery” of the broken owl. Not that I want a kid or a wife to be abused or anything, but I really can’t muster up the interest for a boring broken owl mystery and an irritating kid baking cookies. If we can lump all of these boring story lines together, that’d be great.

Right now it still just seems like the Alexandrians are all pushovers. They’re all either cowards who run away from their problems, followers who give away power to anybody who seems remotely qualified, or pansies that talk about baking and share boring cooking stories. None of them seem like worthy adversaries at all, so if or when Rick’s group decides to rebel against them then I don’t think it’ll be a very difficult fight.

“Spend” was directed by first time Walking Dead director Jennifer Lynch, and she did a pretty good job with it. Some parts felt a bit disjointed, and we didn’t even see several of the characters at all. No Sasha, Carl, or Michonne, and only one short scene with Daryl leaving the city. Other directors have done a better job at juggling the large cast, but what we did get was pretty powerful and we lost a big character! Busy week!

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Random Thoughts:

– We had even more blood splatter on the lens tonight, which I believe we had for the first time last week. So is this a new thing or what?

– I’ve definitely never heard of “sending a fax to Cleveland” as a euphemism for taking a dump, but I plan to use it as early as possible.

– When Francine fell from the tractor, I assumed she had broke her leg or something, but then she clambered right up into the cab!