Helix “Ectogenesis” Review (Season 2 Episode 9)

Helix - Season 2

Amy’s plan for world domination seems to go something like this. Step one: depose Michael and take over the abbey. Step two: hold Sarah’s baby for ransom in exchange for immortality. Step three: take over Iliaria? This last step is conjecture on my part, but is there anyone watching Helix who doubts Amy could actually do it? She’s demonstrated in a very short period of time that she is every bit as ruthless as her father, but definitely more ambitious. I didn’t like her in the beginning, but now think she’s an awesome villain.

In the second phase of her plan, Amy further ostracizes her mother, Anne. I think Amy is underestimating her mother. Anne may act meek and was at Michael’s beck-and-call, but I don’t think she should be counted out just yet. Amy convinces the remaining people at the abbey that the CDC brought the disease to the island and that Ann was complicit by sleeping with Peter. Of course, Anne didn’t sleep with Peter; this is all part of Amy’s attempt to reinforce the notion of “us versus them.”

Amy is enjoying her power a little too much. She’s going to start making sloppy mistakes. She is so impatient for her immortality that she commands Sarah to perform the spinal fluid exchange immediately. Sarah has a plan to poison Amy during the procedure, but is thwarted when Landry steps in to take Amy’s place. In the end, it looks like Landry is turning into a bumpy version of the Hulk. Here’s a thought, Sarah…break the glass in the door and get out of there.

While this is going down, Peter and Anne try to regroup. He tells her that his “friends” should be arriving soon. It turns out his friends are Sergio and Julia. Neither person is enthusiastic about seeing Peter. In fact, Julia has done a 180. In the arctic, she wanted to save Peter because of their relationship. Now she can hardly stand to look at him. It looks as though Peter’s loyalty lies with himself and not with Ilaria or the CDC. He tells Julia he will help them in exchange for $100 million. That’s right, Peter, aim high. Peter being a mercenary makes him more interesting an unpredictable. Maybe it’s the superfluousness of her story this season, but I don’t like Julia.

The three go with Anne to the abbey to find a bit of the mother tree, which is the key to Michael’s sterilization treatment. But when Anne opens the safe, it is gone. That should shorten Julia and Sergio’s trip on the island. I have a feeling they won’t be taking Peter with them. It’ll be interesting to see, though, if there’s a reunion between Sergio, Julia, and the rest of the group.

Elsewhere, Alan and Kyle hunt for the tree with red sap in the forest. In the morning, Alan dreams of Doreen, my favorite team member from the arctic who was killed way too soon. In addition to delivering some great lines about Alan’s beard, Doreen tries to help him discover what are his true motivations. It was great to have Cat Lemieux back. I also concur with her verdict on Alan’s beard-it’s got to go. That thing ages Billy Campbell a good 10 years.

Kyle gets captured by crazy sick people who want to eat his eyeballs, which finally explains the corpses with no eyes. He ends up consuming the infected honey in order to make himself unappetizing to his cannibalistic hosts. I hope they don’t kill Kyle. He’s been the team punching bag all season and deserves a break.

Helix continues to pick up steam, but there are still a lot of questions. With only a handful of episodes remaining, it’s time to start giving us some answers.