Vikings “Scarred” Review (Season 3 Episode 4)

Vikings Scarred Season 3 Episode 4 02

Last night’s Vikings dealt its loyal fans a tough blow. In a moment of selflessness, Siggy died saving Aslaug’s sons from drowning. Losing a main character who has been present since the beginning of the show is rough. Siggy is such a complex, interesting character and had many more stories in her. Reportedly, Jessalyn Gilsig made the decision to leave the show because filming in Ireland was not feasible for her. There’s not much that can be said about that—if she needed to go, she needed to go. But it’s still a major loss for the fans.

Given the drama with Siggy, it makes sense to start by looking at Kattegat. Aslaug is completely under Harbard’s spell. She relies on him to make her child stop crying, and his attentions highlight her loneliness. One day, instead of watching her children, she goes off with Harbard. Aslaug dumps her responsibilities on Siggy, who has no choice but to take care of Rangar’s sons. When the boys run off, Siggy goes after them and meets her fate.

I didn’t really need another reason to dislike Aslaug. The fact that she ruined Ragnar’s relationship with Lagertha (and, yes, Ragnar played a role in that, too) is bad enough. Now her negligence is responsible for the death of one of my favorite characters on the show. Aslaug’s cheating on Ragnar doesn’t bother me too much, since Ragnar isn’t faithful either. But the simple fact is that if she’d been with her children, Siggy would be alive. I felt a little robbed that we didn’t get to see the moment when Aslaug found out what had happened. Both Aslaug and Helga know about Siggy when Harbard departs, but they don’t appear overly bereaved. These women have spent every day together for years. I wanted to see Aslaug’s face when she realized what she’d done.

I am guessing that Aslaug is pregnant with Harbard’s child. If she is, I hope that’s enough for Ragnar to put an end to their relationship. That would open the door for a reunion with Lagertha, which is something that seems more and more unlikely with each episode. We haven’t had any loving moments between Lagertha and Ragnar in a long while.

In England, there was lots of action going on. Athelstan hooked up with the princess, which you know is not going to end well. It looks like Floki is going to have a role in bringing down Athelstan. He’s always hated Athelstan, so that would make sense. But if Ragnar finds out that Floki betrayed Athelstan, Ragnar will lose it. The rumor is that Athelstan will be killed this season. That would be a shame because I do love his character and George Blagden does a fantastic job. However, Athelstan feels like he has been marginalized in a way. He’s been away from Ragnar and most of the other Vikings, which makes him feel more English than Viking.

Master of the English language, Lagertha, continues her tryst with King Ecbert. He basically asks her to hang around and be his mistress. She flat out refuses. This was a crucial scene in my relationship with the Lagertha character. I did not want her to by played by Ecbert. Luckily, she wasn’t. She sees right through him and says that he’s only concerned about himself. Unfortunately, Lagertha has no clue that Kalf is going to betray her and blindly believes that Ecbert intends to honor the agreement for the Vikings to farm in England. She’s in for a rude awakening.

As for Ragnar, I’ve been clear how I feel about Kwenthrith, so the idea of him getting busy with her is nauseating. There’s also an issue that has popped up on Twitter recently and has some fans unhappy. There are some who see homoerotic undertones between Ragnar and Athelstan. Some love this and some hate this. I hadn’t really felt that it was there until this episode. Ragnar tells Athelstan that people should be free to do what they want and Athelstan replies with something along the lines of, “We still talking about women?” Here’s my perspective on a possible Ragnar/Athelstan romance. I don’t care for subtext when it’s thrown into a show in order to pander to a certain group of fans. If there is subtext, I want it to ring true to the characters. I have never felt a romantic vibe between Ragnar and Athelstan. Yes, Ragnar invited him to join in a threesome with Lagertha, but that felt more like a kinky adventure than romantic attachment. I like the idea that Athelstan is the brother that Ragnar doesn’t have. Ragnar and Rollo’s relationship will always be strained due to Rollo’s betrayal. Athelstan is more the constant in Ragnar’s life. There hasn’t previously been a suggestion of a sexual relationship between the two, so I don’t think it would be consistent with the characters to start that now. If some people like the idea of a relationship between these two men, they should explore that with some fan fiction. But I don’t want the main characters to significantly change midstream. If Ragnar had a sexual interest in Athelstan, that should’ve been made apparent in season one – not season three. Maybe others have felt it from the beginning, but I definitely haven’t.

Speaking of character inconsistency…I enjoyed the scene of Ecbert and Ragnar bantering, but it was weird that Ragnar admitted he is also corrupt. Since when is Ragnar corrupt?

Here are some of my miscellaneous thoughts…. The scene between Bjorn and Porunn was lovely. Her face is pretty messed up, but Bjorn doesn’t care. He still loves her. The image of him with blood on his lips after kissing her is tragic. I liked the scene where Kwenthrith murdered her brother. It was a smart move on her part, but she’s still no match for Ecbert. Finally, I’m not sure how Horik’s son is still alive. Ragnar had all of Horik’s male children killed and captured Erlendur. How is he now back? And when compared with Ragnar, what Viking would pick Erlendur as a leader?

It looks like the Vikings are leaving England next week, so hopefully there are some good things to come back in Kattegat.