Grey’s Anatomy “I Feel The Earth Move” Review (Season 11 Episode 15)

After Dr. Herman’s high stakes surgery last week, Grey’s Anatomy returned last night with an episode that was a bit more mellow, but nonetheless entertaining. Well, to the extent you can consider an earthquake mellow. This episode could be easily divided into those who dealt with people literally rocked by the earthquake and those who have been shaken up recently by life.

Speaking of the latter, April and Jackson returned to work this week. I suspect that last night’s episode was phase 1 in dealing with grief in the workplace. Jackson wore the “I’m peachy keen” mask, while his wife donned the “I’m too busy, don’t bother me” mask. There is no way to magically bounce back from such a devastating loss, so it will be interesting to see how their respective approaches shift over the next few weeks. Their colleagues seem intent on avoidance, but it would not be Grey’s Anatomy without watching a few unwitting doctors get caught in the cross-hairs.

Jackson and Ben spent most of the episode paired up, which was a nice way to revisit Ben’s discomfort with the news about Rosalind. By the episode’s end, Jackson finally got through and it was good to hear that Ben reached out to his sister to see how she’s doing. I hope we get to see Rosalind on the show again sometime soon.

When not keeping herself busy with trauma patients, April helped Owen, Amelia and Weber assist a young girl whose mother was unconscious. Ruby called the hospital for help from a remote cabin when her mother was knocked out in the aftermath of the earthquake. I’ve seen this type of storyline before, but it did not make watching it any less stressful. Did anyone else think about NBC’s The Office when Owen led the group in a round of “Staying Alive” in order to help Ruby keep the proper pacing of her CPR compressions? I was relieved when the paramedics finally located Ruby and her mother and that there was a happy ending for the family. I really love storylines in which Owen gets to interact with kids, so this was a welcome addition to the episode. It looks like Owen and Amelia are taking the next step in their budding relationship as well. On to those who are still looking for a little luck in the relationship department . . .

Maggie and Callie spent quality time together this week, as they treated a patient who injured her replacement hip during sex. While figuring out a treatment plan that would get the patient back in “action” without killing her, the pair consulted with Ethan – a cute radiologist that they’d been trapped on the elevator with briefly when the earthquake hit. Ethan was very obviously flirting with Maggie, who initially appeared to be either uninterested or painfully oblivious. We later learned that Maggie had pretty much given up on dating because of a gap between her and other people. Like Callie, it was hard to ignore the fact that Maggie had done a pretty good job at fitting in with her Grey Sloan colleagues and made serious progress in growing closer to her newly discovered family. I can appreciate how that might be different from creating bonds in a romantic relationship, but giving up without trying just seems silly. With a few words of encouragement from Callie, Maggie wisely decided to take Ethan up on his offer.

Continuing the theme of shaking things up, Meredith discovered that being away from Derek allowed her to really flourish as a doctor. She also realized, however, that she wanted to be an excellent surgeon and to enjoy the life she’s created with Derek. Unfortunately, when Meredith called her husband to share this great revelation, a woman answered and refused to identify herself before rudely hanging up. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if Derek really is cheating. I hope the writers don’t spend too much time on Meredith agonizing over the possibility that Derek is cheating and forcing us to watch 10-15 minutes of flashbacks to when/how Derek and Meredith met.

Just one observation this week – it was good to get an update on Dr. Herman. Sounds like she’s adjusting well – so far.

Until Next Week!

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