‘The 100’ (Season 2): The Aftermath

The 100 Blood Must Have Blood Part Two Season 2 Episode 16 01

The gritty, post-apocalyptic series The 100 came to a conclusion last night with an edge-of-your-seat finale that found the Sky People, the remnants of the “residents” of the Ark, in jeopardy inside the walls of Mount Weather after essentially being abandoned by the Grounder Army once their leader Lexa (recurring guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) accepted a deal from the President of the Mountain Men Cage Wallace (recurring guest star Johnny Whitworth) for her people to be released. The problem with that concealed-until-nearly-the-last-second agreement was that Clarke’s (series lead Eliza Taylor) people were left trapped inside Mount Weather. Not a cool move on Lexa’s part, but she kept her word (so to speak): she rescued HER people.

As can be expected, Clarke wasn’t giving up and she moved forward with the plan despite virtually being on her own. She did, however, find Octavia (series regular Marie Avgeropoulos) in the Reaper tunnel since she refused to retreat when the call rang out by one of Lexa’s men; and eventually the duo found inside man Bellamy (series regular Bob Morley) [and Octavia’s brother] who had Jasper (series regular Devon Bostick), Monty (series regular Christopher Larkin) and Mount Weather “resident” – but comrade of the Sky People – Maya (recurring guest star Eve Harlow) in tow.

What transpired after that hasty reunion was stark, hard-to-watch (at times) and will, assuredly, reverberate throughout Camp Jaha for a long time to come. Clarke had no choice but to make a stand. They retrieved former President of the Mountain Men Dante Wallace (recurring guest star Raymond J. Barry) from his cell, which he surprisingly had not left even though his son Cage had left the door wide open, and used him as, albeit, temporary bait. Watching Clarke hold that gun toward Dante was unnerving, to say the least, but to watch her pull the trigger, see Cage’s reaction, who heard the shot over the walkie talkie, and watch that dignified, albeit not necessarily fully honorable man, crumble to the ground was disturbing.

In retaliation, of course, Cage took Clarke’s mother Abby (series regular Paige Turco), who had been caught outside Mount Weather by one of the military teams, using her as the latest bone marrow victim. He really shouldn’t have done that – or what they did to any of the Sky People for that matter – because it left Clarke, Bellamy and Monty with only one choice: eradicate them.

It was a simple move: Bellamy and Clarke pulling on that knob together to save their people, but the aftermath of that one action was earth-shattering. It killed all of the “residents” of Mount Weather – men, women, children and Maya, even the very people who had helped the Sky People trapped inside its walls.

“I tried! I tried to be the good guy!” Clarke exclaimed to her mother once they were “safe”. But her decision has turned their world upside down; so much so that once they were all returned to Camp Jaha, she decided to leave them. But as Bellamy said: “where will you go?” Can she go back to the Grounders? Would she even want to, let alone be welcome? Can she survive on her own in that unforgiving landscape? Will her actions haunt her every moment from now on?

And what about “her” people? It is clear that Monte regrets his role in what they did. He will be shell-shocked for quite some time. Jasper is going to be angry for quite some time because of the loss of Maya. And, what about all the rest of them who survived the grizzly procedures inflicted on them or had to stand by and watch because they were chained to the walls. There is going to be a lot of PTSD at Camp Jaha.

On the other spectrum, we’ve got Jaha (series regular Isaiah Washington) and Murphy (recurring guest star Richard Harmon) – and the remaining two members of his “followers” – as they continue their “pursuit” of the City of Light. Chasing after that drone out over the ocean left them at the mercy of that King Kong-esque water creature, who made a meal out of the two Jaha followers (that was SO gross!), leaving Murphy and Jaha to hit land.

What followed for each of them, though, was a little Lost-like with Murphy discovering a way inside the dilapidated lighthouse only to find it fully and elaborately furnished with a Billiard table, motorcycles, big screen TV and the works; while Jaha, following one of the drones, discovered an expansive mansion on that little island that not only housed an attractive AI (guest star Erica Cerra of ‘Eureka’ fame), who not only knew Jaha but also thanked him for the “gift” he sent down to Earth: what appeared to be the warhead of a missile from the Ark.

What the hell, right? Where this will go is anyone’s guess, but this may be a trip down the rabbit hole that no one wants to make. Oh, and one more thing, how vindicated did you fell for Lincoln (series regular Ricky Whittle) who took down Cage, the very man who made him – although temporarily – into a Reaper. I have to admit that I didn’t feel bad at all over Cage’s demise. Did you?

What did you think of the two-part finale of ‘The 100’? Do you think that Clarke was right in decimating the Mountain Men to save her people? Do you think she will survive on her own outside the walls of Camp Jaha? How will the Sky People deal with all that has happened to them since landing on Earth? What is going on on that island where Jaha and Murphy find themselves? So many questions, right?!

‘The 100’ has been renewed for a third season by The CW; and it will return at some point during the 2015-2016 TV season.