Survivor “Crazy is as Crazy Does” Review (Season 30 Episode 3)

Survivor Worlds Apart It Will Be My Revenge Season 30 Episode 2 11

Survivor returned tonight with the very first “Blue vision” opening scene of the season, as we see the hapless No Collar tribe come home from last week’s tribal and try to make sense of what just happened. “Crazy is as Crazy Does” continues as we basically go on a tour across the tribes and see people at all three tribes that don’t know how to shut up.

We started off with the No Collars, and with the continually irritating Nina. She’s playing the deaf card way too much, and it’s my number one pet peeve when people make the mopey “I know you’re going to send me home” speech. So much stuff can happen on this game, so when you try to emotionally check out it really drives me crazy. Millions of people want to be on this game and you’re just giving up!

Our crazy people tour continues to the White Collar tribe, where Shirin is getting a little too excited about monkeys having sex. I think everybody has realized how bogus these collar separations are by now, but Shirin especially seems like the kind of person that would have fit better on the No Collar team. Maybe she could have switched tribes with Nina. They both would have been more comfortable in the other tribe.

Finally we move over to the Blue Collar tribe, where stuff is getting personal. I would have thought that Dan calling Rodney’s mom a whore would have been the worst thing sad at that tribe, but that wasn’t even close! Between Mike attacking Rodney for his laziness, Rodney attacking Mike’s entire state, and Lindsey attacked God himself! I was a bit surprised that the Blue Collar tribe ended up being the most emotional tribe of the bunch. I would have thought that all of the No Collars would be a lot more connected to their emotions, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. You also would have thought that Dan’s insult at the beginning of the episode was going to be the worst, but it’s like everybody wanted to escalate it. Dan insulted one person, but then Rodney insulted the tens of millions of Texans, and then Lindsey insulted the God that billions of people believe in!

There really wasn’t any question from the beginning of the reward/immunity challenge that the No Collar was going to lose it. They just don’t have the strength anymore, and their strange decision to isolate Nina in a challenge that has nothing to do with hearing was just stupid. However, it wasn’t anywhere near as stupid as Will calling Nina dead weight after they lost. Will has been absolutely useless in these challenges, but apparently he’s playing a good enough social game to make him more preferable than wet blanket Nina.

So Nina’s prophecy of being the next one to leave came true, and she takes the walk of shame and swears to become more free spirited outside of the game. Well, God speed, Nina!

Random Thoughts:

– I admit that I don’t know too many people named “Joaquin”, but I had no idea that “Joaq” was an acceptable nickname!

– Somebody on my Facebook feed recently shared that video from the Tonight Show that Will was on. I hadn’t seen it in a few years since it was on originally, so it was weird seeing him in a totally different context.

– Would it really be so hard for them to build a roof over Tribal Council? It’s never fun seeing everybody so wet and gross.