POLL: What Kind of Series Ending Do You Prefer?

Alf, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie, Baltar, Six, Cast of Eureka

One of my favorite shows is ending soon, and it started me thinking about what kind of ending I prefer when a series goes off the air. To be clear, I am not talking about series that have been canceled, specifically the ones that are canceled suddenly with no time to prepare some kind of finale for the show. Rather I am talking about shows that either plan to end at a certain time, or are given enough notice of cancellation so that they can come up with some kind of series finale that does not leave the viewer hanging out in the wind!

As I said above, what started me down this path is the fact that Justified is half way through its final season, with only 6 new episodes left to air. I have been talking with my friends that also watch the show, and reading a little online and there is a mixed bag of opinions on how the show will end. Being an optimist, I am hoping for a happy ending with Raylan and Winona together raising Willa. But, others are predicting that in keeping with the dramatic tone of the show, things will not end well for Raylan. I guess we will find out in a month and a half!

In the meantime, let’s take a survey! What are possible choices for the way a series can end?

[WARNING: The following will contain spoilers on how each various series end

Ice Cream and Sunshine

Eureka Series Finale Just Another Day Season 5 Episode 14 (19)

A happy ending to a series is just what it sounds like. All of the main characters survive, and more than just survive, they thrive.

1) Warehouse 13 – I watched this show from the beginning, and was an avid fan. The finale made me cry, but mainly because I was sad to see the show end and there were touching moments. Everyone survived and the Warehouse lives on!

2) Eureka – This show is another of my favorites from Syfy. In the finale, Jack and Allison end up married with her pregnant with their child, Jo and Zane finally get engaged – again, and everything works out, including the town being sold to a benefactor instead of being shut down.

3) Psych – I did not watch this series from the beginning, but no matter, once I came on board, I was fully invested! In the finale, Shawn and Juliette finally get engaged, with Gus being a part of their lives as he moves to San Francisco to follow them.

Ice Cream and Cloudy Skies

Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie - White Collar

Today’s television landscape is all about edgy entertainment it seems, so it is rare, at least on drama shows, for everyone to make it out of the finale alive or in place.

1) House, M.D. – This medical show was not known for being conventional, so it was not really surprising when Dr. Wilson was diagnosed with cancer and opted to not take the chemo treatment. Instead, he and Dr. House go off on a final cross country trip of a lifetime.

2) White Collar – Another favorite of mine, this show hit a high point in the finale with Peter and Ellie having their baby boy and naming him Neal. In the meantime, however, Neal is presumed dead; but as it turns out Neal is actually still alive and faked his death so he could live in peace from everyone that was after him. Of course, the sad part is that he is forced to live apart from his friends.

3) Burn Notice – An action adventure show I adored which ends with Michael and Fiona faking their deaths to find peace raising Michael’s nephew. Sadly, however, Michael’s mom, Madeline, sacrificed herself to insure the others got away.

Empty Ice Cream Container on a Rainy Day

Alf - Alf

This would be the extreme of the edgy entertainment we have come to know lately. Many main characters die or end up in prison or some other form of dire straits.

Breaking Bad – I did not watch this show, but have read about its finale. The main character, Walt, dies. However, he does leave his family financially sound, which was his goal all along.

Little House on the Prairie – This program was as wholesome as they come, dealing with family, faith, love and community. But, when the series ended, the writers had the entirety of the town blown up by its own inhabitants!

Alf – Yet another favorite of mine – I loved the wise cracking alien who liked to eat cats. The problem is that the finale had Alf being captured by the Alien Task Force and taken off to be experimented on and dissected. Yikes! Now, there was a TV movie released 6 years later that ended on a happier note with Alf being declared ambassador to earth, but at the time of the finale, things were very bleak.

And Ice Cream Has No Bones!

Baltar and Six - Battlestar Galactica

Sometimes the way a series ends makes you feel unsatisfied, or it seems like the writers did not know where they were going so they just ended it is such a strange way that you have no idea what it all meant.

Lost – I never watched this show, so I am probably the only person on the planet that can make that claim, but from what I have read the finale was as murky as the program itself, leaving fans to go “wha..?”

Battlestar Galactica – I watched this series after it ended thanks to a marathon but I know the biggest criticism of the finale was that it did not answer questions as promised. Viewers had been lead to believe it would resolve many issues brought up during the course of the show and some felt that did not happen.

The Sopranos – Another program I never watched, but there is still a debate raging over whether or not Tony Soprano is dead or alive.



Is there a type of ending I did not mention? If so, after you vote, please let me know what I missed and if you can, please give an example in the comments section below!


I admit to being a real sap, and so it is not a stretch to say that I prefer the happy endings. I like to see justice done, the bad guys get their punishment, and the good guys get their reward for all their sacrifices.

Do you have thoughts about my examples, like for instance do you think one belongs in a different category? Or do you have an example I did not include? If so, please let me know in the comments section below!