The 100 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2” Review (Season 2 Episode 16)

Over the past week, I went back to watch the first few episodes of The 100 with a friend, and the experience served to show just how much this show has changed in two brief seasons. It’s not to say that the show was happy-go-lucky in the beginning, but everything, from the tone, to the quality of the writing, to the dark places this show is willing to go, has intensified. As a result, the show has only gotten better, and “Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2” brought the second season to a dark, satisfying close.

To say Clarke and the others were desperate at the start of this hour would be an understatement. With Lexa and the Grounders gone, it fell to a very small group to do everything in their power to save their people. Ultimately, that meant taking things to some truly dark places. And while some might find that final outcome too dark, I think this episode did a great job of bringing everyone’s seasonal arc to a close.

In the end, this season was all about the struggles that come with leadership and Clarke figuring out what that means. We’ve seen her do a lot of questionable things, especially in the back half of the season, but always for her people. In the beginning, she wasn’t as strong a leader as Lexa or Dante, who were willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how disagreeable, to protect their people. As Dante said, a good leader bears the tough decisions so their people don’t have to. And even with Bellamy’s hand on the switch as well, it was ultimately Clarke’s decision to pull the trigger and irradiate Level 5.

The fallout of this action – no pun intended – really won’t be felt until next season, but there’s no denying the immediate shock and impact of the moment. It’s one thing to passively let a missile hit Tondc, but actively slaughtering all of the Mountain Men is a brutal, devastating act, one that’s going to change Clarke, and the audience’s perception of her, forever going forward.

It certainly hit Jasper right away, as the radiation led to him holding a dying Maya in his arms, and this was the most emotionally devastating scene of the episode. I’ve not made it a secret that Jasper has long been my favorite character, and his evolution this season has been an absolute delight. Maya was a big part of that as well, and their relationship developed in a touching, effective way. To see him lose everything, including his trust in Monty and all of his other friends, was heartbreaking. And that’s not even to mention the harsh cap of Raven returning his trusty goggles.

Hitting the highlights a bit, there were great moments for just about everyone this week, from Raven biting a scientist’s ear off to Octavia showing off her Grounder skills to Bellamy proving his loyalty and respect for Clarke. The one moment that didn’t quite land was Lincoln’s return. He didn’t exactly have much to do, and having him be the one to deliver the killing blow to Cage was unsatisfying. Still, at least he kicked his addiction once and for all.

As far as where we’re heading next season? Well, after facing harsh conditions, giant sea monsters and classic rock, Jaha and Murphy’s journey finally came to an end, with Jaha meeting what appears to be the artificial intelligence responsible for the nuclear war that originally destroyed the world. With a new nuclear device in her possession, it seems clear that she’ll be the major antagonist in season three, no doubt necessitating a new plan of attack from the scattered tribes of Earth.

But let’s not look too far ahead and just enjoy the ending a little longer. This has been an absolutely stellar season for The 100, and it’s been a pleasure getting to review it each week. As always, feel free to leave your own thoughts on the episode below. And I can’t wait to get back to the show when it returns this fall.